„Family Garden“: Subject of hortivation by IPM ESSEN 2018 Has Been Decided
This is what hortivation 2018 will proably look like: In contrast with a classic fair, the products of the exhibitors will be incorporated into an overall presentation in the new Trend Hotspot at IPM ESSEN.

„Family Garden“: Subject of hortivation by IPM ESSEN 2018 Has Been Decided

In 2018, hortivation will take place as a hotspot at IPM ESSEN at Messe Essen from January 23 to 26. Now, the subject has been decided: Innovative sales ideas will be introduced under the term of "Family Garden". Attention will centre on technology. What is already being utilised successfully on a large scale in professional plant production functions in the garden of the ultimate consumer, too. It is precisely here that hortivation will come in by making proven techniques and the know-how of the professionals accessible to the consumer. Time efficiency and sustainability will form the central theme of the innovation show.

hortivation was able to win over no fewer than two internationally well-known greats in the sector for the implementation: Not only the green stylist and trendwatcher Romeo Sommers but also the retail expert Karel de Graaf will be on board. Together, the experts will transform a complete fair hall into a unique experience world which will present future-oriented and trend-conscious POS concepts to decision takers in the green retail trade. From now on, any interested exhibitors can snap up a booth.

The presentation in which the IPM ESSEN exhibitors will be able to participate will be created on 800 square metres in Fair Hall 13. They will give their products into the hands of Romeo Sommers who will act as a creative curator and will put the ranges offered by the exhibitors in the limelight in a skilful way. In contrast with a classic fair, hortivation will not focus on the breadths of the ranges of individual firms or on exhibition booths but will instead highlight the exhibitors' innovative sales ideas for individual plants and products in the form of POS presentations. The retail expert Karel de Graaf will assume responsibility for the booth construction. In this respect, the design will be oriented to shop situations such as might be found in garden centres, too.

Further information about booth registration at: ipm@messe-essen.de

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