Federal Agriculture Minister Klöckner Festively Opened the IPM ESSEN 2020

Federal Agriculture Minister Klöckner Festively Opened the IPM ESSEN 2020

The 38th IPM ESSEN has been opened: At Messe Essen, around 300 guests, including representatives from the economic and political fields, followed the festive Opening Ceremony which flew the flag of the partner country France. In her opening speech, Julia Klöckner, Federal Minister of Agriculture and Food, announced the continuation of the federal program for raising energy efficiency from which horticulture will profit, too. In addition to her, the speakers also included France's Consul General, Dr. Olivia Berkeley-Christmann, and the North Rhine-Westphalia Agriculture Minister, Ursula Heinen-Esser. Moreover, the first day of the fair was characterized by innovative plant breeds. An expert jury honored innovations in six categories.

"Horticulture here in Germany exhibits a high degree of innovation and the businesses find and occupy niches in this way. And they answer questions about the future. For example, when it is a matter of more resource or climate protection. This includes environmentally friendly packaging or substrates in which the peat proportion is being minimized ever further. Concepts for energy-saving greenhouses are being developed, too - because the sector is very energy-intensive. As a ministry, we are providing support with regard to these adjustments, know about the competitive situation and want to create the best possible framework conditions. Thus, we will continue our federal program for raising energy efficiency and have planned for Euro 156 million by 2023. Moreover, we are promoting in a targeted way the changeover to renewable energies as well as research projects relating to non-chemical plant protection, digitalization and peat substitution. Because the basis for further innovations is knowledge. Horticulture is a central constituent of the German agricultural sector. We want to keep it like that," according to the Federal Minister, Julia Klöckner.

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