Horticultural Industry is Committed to IPM ESSEN

It is an impressive commitment to the world's leading trade fair for horticulture IPM ESSEN from 26th to 29th January 2021: 907 exhibitors have already registered and confirm their participation in the industry event. The decisive factor for many of them is the hygiene concept of Messe Essen, which has already proved its worth at several international trade fairs and which, among other things, provides for minimum distances and the compulsory wearing of masks. There are not to be any major changes in the appearance of the individual halls, Messe Essen is expecting at most individual regional shifts.

Nearly 20 Dutch exhibitors had declared to be absent from IPM ESSEN 2021 due to the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic. "We take note of the cancellation and respect the decision of our customers. At the same time it is an absolute exception. For the majority of the exhibitors, participation in IPM ESSEN as an indispensable communication and sales platform is a matter of course. We are currently experiencing not only in Essen that large fairs with international participation can once again be held successfully. The be-all and end-all is a functioning hygiene concept, and we have proven that", says Oliver P. Kuhrt, Managing Director of Messe Essen.

Maximum safety and hygiene

"A fair is not a concert or a soccer match. The distances between the participants are greater, and they are also much more widely spread over time. That's why we are expecting regional shifts due to travel restrictions, but assume that not much will change in the overall picture", adds Sabina Großkreuz, Head of Marketing at Messe Essen. Messe Essen's hygiene concept can be found online at www.ipm-essen.de and was recently successfully applied at the All About Automation trade fair. In addition to minimum distances and a mask requirement, it includes, for example, online registration of all participants and increased opportunities for disinfection and hand washing.

Effective hygiene protection is not only lived practice in the event organization, but also one of the focal points of the IPM ESSEN 2021: "The IPM Discovery Center, in which we present innovative concepts for the point of sale every year, is dedicated to the topic of safe garden centers in 2021", explains creative director Romeo Sommers. "From shop-fitting to visitor guidance and product presentation, we will be showing solutions for active infection protection, which today is a prerequisite for successfully addressing customers.” The concept is well received by the exhibitors, as Daan Bartels from the Dutch plant supplier Air so pure, among others, confirms: "We definitely intend to participate in the IPM Discovery Center.
The IPM ESSEN is the largest and best fair to show new trendsetting concepts and innovations. Here we want to take up the topic of the Covid-19 pandemic and show new ways to a Corona-safe garden center with our plants. With the harmonious hygiene concept of Messe Essen, we feel very safe at IPM ESSEN.”

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