IPM Discovery Center 2020 in Hall 7 at Messe Essen

IPM Discovery Center 2020 in Hall 7 at Messe Essen

“Heroes” of the horticultural industry given a high-publicity platform

Romeo Sommers is the creative mind behind the POS Discovery Center at the IPM ESSEN

At the next IPM ESSEN, the IPM Discovery Center will become a hotspot for specialist retailers. From 28 to 31 January 2020, the focus there will be on new findings and fresh ideas for the successful marketing of horticultural products and services. The POS World of Experience will be relocated to Hall 7 of the modernised Messe Essen venue. Creative director Romeo Sommers and his team will be providing a dramatic platform for the “heroes” of the industry. Exhibitors will thus have a further option for the targeted presentation of their products. Visitors will be able to expand their knowledge on guided tours or during lectures in the Speakers’ Corner, and can then immediately apply what they have learned to their own business. Romeo Sommers now reveals the first details of the 2020 edition of the IPM Discovery Center in an interview.

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