IPM Fair Cup 2017 Bears the Motto of "Upcycling"

IPM Fair Cup 2017 Bears the Motto of "Upcycling"

The participants should revive and reconsider "old-fashioned" flowers, "outdated" plants and "obsolete" accessories. Retrocharm and modern aspects will complement each other in order to form something absolutely special. This will give them the possibility of creating a totally new look.

The IPM Fair Cup will focus on the spectrum of floristry and gardening achievements – combined with a large portion of creativity. The workpieces which implement the subject of "upcycling" best of all with free designing will be honoured in the "Bouquet", "Decorative Pot Plant" and "Tub Planting" categories. They will face up to the challenges of the combined competition, will measure themselves wits against each other and will get to know other participants from the green sector

The participants in the competition will be given the chance to present themselves and their workpieces from January 24 to 27, 2017. As far as the venue is concerned, the IPM Fair Cup 2017 will experience a premiere: For the first time, it will be staged in the Green City in Hall 1A! In the future, the visitors to the fair will therefore find the most important floral and gardening highlights in a summarised form in one hall and will thus save themselves long walking distances.

Further details and registration (by January 17, 2017)

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