International joint stands showcase the world of horticulture

16 nations present typical plants and technology at the world's leading trade fair

As the world's leading trade fair for horticulture, IPM ESSEN will offer its visitors a comprehensive overview of innovations and market trends from January 23 to 26, 2024. The international joint stands play a special role here. There, exhibitors from one nation will present their country-specific plants and technical solutions compactly and together. This is a unique opportunity for trade visitors to gain insights into the diverse array of products offered by each nation. 2024 will feature joint stands from these 16 countries: Belgium, China, Costa Rica, Denmark, France, Great Britain, India, Israel, Japan, Korea, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Turkey and the USA.

Belgium (Hall 2, Hall 6, Hall 8)

The anniversary of IPM ESSEN is also a reason for Belgian exhibitors to celebrate. After all, they have been there since the very beginning and will be exhibiting for the 40th time in 2024. The joint appearance is organized by the Flemish marketing association VLAM at a total of three stands in Hall 2 with 17 companies, Hall 6 with nine companies and Hall 8 with four exhibitors. The participating companies cover the entire Belgian ornamental plant assortment, ranging from typical Flemish products such as azaleas, rhododendrons, indoor flowering plants, the Flemish laurel and chrysanthemums to shrubs, young and bedding plants and tree nursery products. Climate trees and plants are particularly in vogue.

China (Hall 4)

Home gardening is very popular in China at the moment. Six local companies now want to export this trend. At the Chinese joint stand, they will be showcasing products with traditional national characteristics. These include flower pots, smart planters, coolers for fresh flowers, as well as bonsai, peonies, foliage plants and succulents. Plants and products for the office are also on display.

Costa Rica (Hall 1)

Costa Rica on 50 square meters: Ten companies will be presenting their country's export range at this joint stand. The exhibit will highlight an array of flora, including ficus, yuccas, dragon trees, bromeliads, and other botanical specimens. Notably, the display will feature plants cultivated through cutting-edge technological processes, including innovative in-vitro methods. Furthermore, trade visitors can anticipate an exceptional virtual reality experience as part of this immersive showcase.

Denmark (Hall 6)

A royal visit awaits the Danish joint stand: Princess Benedikte, the aunt of the Danish King, will be stopping by on the first day of the fair. In 2024, exhibitors will once again be bringing along top-selling green and flowering ornamental plants. Variegated or differently colored plants, such as Caladium Kelly, are particularly popular at the moment.

France (Hall 6)

Leading innovative French breeders from the Pays de la Loire, Brittany and Provence will be presenting their new products and bestsellers. From agapanthus to cyclamen, from chrysanthemums to dahlias, from salvia to rododendron and more, they will present a unique range of nursery plants, flowering plants, bulbs and seeds, young, semi-finished and finished products, as well as logistics solutions, marketing tools and services for innovation and competitiveness. New products on show will include ILEX paraguariensis Garden2Cup® MATE for homemade mate tea, new clematis varieties and spectacular Versailles forms of solitary fruit trees.

Great Britain (Hall 3 / Hall 7)

As usual, the Commercial Horticultural Association (CHA) is organizing the UK's joint presence. In the country pavilion, visitors can expect to see a range of leading and innovative UK manufacturers and suppliers of plants, products and services to commercial horticultural businesses and retailers from around the world. Exhibiting companies in the plant sector include rose grower David Austin Roses, ornamental plant grower Pinnacle Plants International and clematis growers and producers Raymond Evison Clematis Ltd and The Guernsey Clematis Nursery Ltd.

Also represented are technology and service companies such as the manufacturer of the Air-Pot reusable air cutting system, garden center design consultancy C Long Design Studios, lighting company INDO Lighting, the manufacturer of environmentally friendly, biodegradable plant pots, marketing trays and cell packaging Plantopia Eco Pulp, custom label, packaging, point of sale and catalog specialist PPC Labels, and horticultural products specialist Tyne Moulds, which will be showcasing its full range of horticultural products made from 90 percent recycled consumer plastic, as well as its new Chain Lock Tree Ties, Nail Tree Ties and new and improved Buckle Tree Ties.

Israel (Hall 2)

There are over 2,800 plant species in Israel - a remarkable figure. Visitors to IPM ESSEN can expect to see some of these at the Israeli joint stand in Hall 2, where the family company Cohen Propagation Nurseries, which specializes in the production and export of unrooted cuttings for bedding and basket plants, will also be present. Its most important new introductions for the coming season include the "Scaevola Surdiva Star Blue" line, which was bred by Suntory and is the first Scaevola aemula variety with star-shaped flowers. Also new are the varieties "Calibrachoa Calitastic Cappuccino" and "Petunia Tumbelina Anna".

Hishtil, one of the world's leading suppliers of seedlings and young plants of herbs, organic herbs, ornamental plants and vegetables, will also be exhibiting at the stand. At IPM ESSEN 2024, the company will be presenting its wide range of organic plants, including the new varieties 'Rosmarinus officinalis Roman Beauty', 'Scabiosa incisa Kudo Blue' and 'Scabiosa incisa Kudo Pink'. In addition, exhibitors Hochberg Export Ornamental Plants with bare-root ornamental trees and shrubs and Jaldety Propagation Nurseries with unrooted cuttings of perennials, annuals and succulents will also be taking part in the Israeli joint presentation.

Japan (Hall 7)

The Land of the Rising Sun is known for its centuries-old tradition of bonsai-style garden design. The exhibitors at the Japanese joint stand will be showing trees in this format. They will also be bringing garden trees to IPM ESSEN 2024.

Netherlands (Hall 1, Hall 8)

The new Royal FloraHolland pavilion in Hall 1 focuses on the cooperative, the growers and the product under the motto "connect to grow". The centerpiece is a shared courtyard that invites visitors to meet and exchange ideas. More than 25 exhibitors will present their classics and novelties. This includes a large selection of orchids, cut roses, greenhouse plants, cacti and succulents. Special flowers such as potted roses or mini gerberas are also part of the presentation. Visitors can also expect a colorful arrangement of flower and plant packaging and the winners of the Glazen Tulp Award and the Greenovation Award.

The entire range of Dutch tree nursery products can be found at another national stand in Hall 8. Under the umbrella of BIZZ Holland, more than 30 companies will be showcasing their innovative shrubs and perennials. The highlight is the Show your Colours Award, which honors the best plant marketing story and will be presented on the Thursday of the fair.

Spain (Hall 6)

Thirty companies, members of the industry association FEPEX and engaged in the production and export of ornamental plants, are participating in the Spanish joint stand. Among them are twelve companies from the Valencia region, ten from Andalusia, four from Catalonia, two from the Canary Islands, and two from Galicia. The focus is particularly on the nurseries from Catalonia. Two technical advisors will be present, well-acquainted with the nurseries and plants produced in Catalonia. They will be available to visitors to answer questions, provide guidance, and facilitate connections between potential buyers and Catalan companies.

Türkiye (Hall 5)

The country benefits from its climatic conditions and hosts a wide range of ornamental plant productions. Visitors to the trade fair can witness this at the Turkish joint stand. More than 20 participating companies will showcase items including young plants, green plants, flowering potted plants, perennials, cut flowers, tools, machinery, soils, and plant containers.

USA (Hall 2)

The Southern United States Trade Association (SUSTA) is a non-profit agricultural export trade promotion organization comprised of the Departments of Agriculture of the 14 southern states and Puerto Rico. Since 1973, SUSTA has been supporting exporters of high-quality food and agricultural products with its programs and services. At the joint stand in Hall 2 under the umbrella of SUSTA, several companies are bundling their trade fair presence. These include the company ForemostCo, founded in Miami in 1987, with starter material and the patent attorney for plants Cassy Bright. Visitors can also expect to see bougainvillea, hibiscus and ixora young plants from Vista Farms and bare-root liriope from the Liriope Factory.

There will also be joint stands from India (Hall 4), South Korea (Hall 4), Poland (Hall 63) and Portugal (Hall 6).