IPM Discovery Center with Valuable Tips for Marketing

Numerous Lectures in the Speakers' Corner Throughout the Duration

At IPM ESSEN, the green sector will meet up at Messse Essen at the start of the season. In addition to products and services, the world fair will also deal with strategies for successful marketing. The showcase will be the IPM Discovery Center in Hall 7. Under the management of the Creative Director Romeo Sommers, concrete measures for winning over customers will be introduced there - from the sales concept to the point of sale. The subject in the adjacent Speakers' Corner on January 28 and 29 will be called "We're Speaking About the Future" - inspiring specialist lectures from the sector for the sector. Knowledge about the sector-specific trade in fruit, vegetables and herbs will be imparted on Thursday and Friday.

In this respect, the podium for the speakers will be directly linked to the IPM Discovery Center which will be many things at the same time: showroom, communication area and think tank. Here, the guiding principle of the special show will follow the common thread of a hero's story. The participating exhibitors and products will be put on display as "Heroes" under expert management. Absolutely typical - with a noble character, an honest mission and, of course, a superpower. In this fiction, it will be possible to tell exciting contents, at the point of sale, too. Romeo Sommers will tie up the strengths of his "Green Heroes" into a sales-promoting bundle and will put the spotlight on aspects such as value added by a new breed, recycling, a bio character or customer-friendly online service. How can plastic be avoided? How can substrates achieve good results even without peat? The answers to questions like these will be supplied by the sales worlds impressively designed by Sommers and his team in the IPM Discovery Center.

Experts Design the Discovery Center in a Form Close to Practice

The 14 exhibiting firms will include, amongst others, Lechuza, Bakker, Hillegom and Fresco Flowers. The concepts which will be explained graphically during guided tours (every day, 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.) will take account of societal trends and will also incorporate findings about the purchasing behavior at the same time. The booth construction in the IPM Discovery Center will be strongly oriented to the setup of a classic shop situation, e.g. that of a garden center, and was adopted by the shop fitting professional Karel de Graaf. Putting products on display in a targeted way, that belongs to the day-to-day business for him: He is the owner of NIFEM Instore Builders from Almelo in the Netherlands.

Relevant Future Subjects in the Speakers' Corner

"We're Speaking About the Future" will be the heading for the program in the connected Speakers' Corner on January 28 and 29. On Tuesday, the lectures will be intended for small and medium-sized enterprises, e.g. from the floristic retail trade. For example, the master florist Klaus Wagener from Bloom's, a leading German publishing house for floristic specialist literature, will speak about a current style which he calls P.U.R.E. and which takes up the yearning for simplicity. Also on Tuesday, Manfred Hoffmann, Creative Director of the Trade Association of German Florists (FDF), will, together with his colleague, the floral designer Oliver Ferchland, make an estimation of what impetus providers might become important for successful marketing in the specialist trade in the future. A talk circle and a discussion with Andrea Eggers, Haymarket, and others will take place with the title: "Future of the Floristry Sector" and Ilka Siedenburg from Fleurop will provide information about the future perspectives in training and further education. Franz Josef Isensee, Coconcept, will examine the subject of "Cut Flower Floristry in the Garden Center - Burden or Future Chance".

On Wednesday, the system trade and organizations will be addressed as the target group. As an entrée, Romeo Sommers will make a trend prediction. Moreover, the Fleurop boss Stefan Gegg will deliver a lecture about the future of the flower market from an entrepreneur's perspective and Michael Hermes from Landgard will speak about "1,000 Good Reasons". Ulrike Ziegler, European Floral and Lifestyle Suppliers Association (EFSA), will cast a glance at "Consumer Trends in Changing Times". On both days, the compere will be Frank Teuber, Prozessbegleitung.

Fruit, Vegetables and Herbs in the Current Discourse

Knowledge about the sector-specific trade in fruit, vegetables and herbs will be offered in the Speakers' Corner on January 30 and 31. Speakers and talk show guests will report on how they put product groups on display in a new or different way. Attention will focus on edible plants, healthy nutrition, sustainability, regionality and traditional varieties - i.e. approaches which are emerging especially in the consumption behavior of young and urban customers. Directly at the start of the Fruit, Vegetable and Herb Days on Thursday, the young Hamburg-based company Lütt Gröön will provide information about ultramodern cultivation technologies in order to produce local food items "on demand". Thereafter, everything will revolve around the question: How great is the market significance of urban gardening? Is it just a media phenomenon or a genuine growth chance for the sector? Special niche subjects will be given places in the lecture program, too: e.g. the commercial cultivation of walnuts which has still been a rarity in Germany until now. That might be altered by the rising demand for nuts as well as by the cultivation conditions favoured by the climate change - that is the prediction made by the speaker Vivian Böllersen from Walnussmeisterei. Technical innovations will also be introduced in the forum - e.g. the Florja sensor which, via smartphone, provides the end customer with information about when his/her plant needs attention. The sensor measures that ambient data from the soil which is relevant to the perfect growth of the plant.

Other questions will be: Is it worthwhile switching from ornamental plants to vegetables? How can the specialist gardening trade in old aficionado fruit varieties distinguish itself from the system trade? In their lectures, the speakers will target not only producers but also, above all, traders. Examples close to practice will explain pitfalls and prospects for success. Haymarket Media is the organizer of the Fruit, Vegetable and Herb Days under the roof of the IPM Discovery Center. The lectures series will be compered by Heike Hoppe, Haymarket Media.