IPM ESSEN Becomes the Hotspot for New POS Concepts and Future-Oriented Retail Trends

IPM Discovery Centre Entices the Visitors with Tours and the Speakers' Corner

At IPM ESSEN 2019, new perspectives will open up for garden centre operators: The world's leading fair for horticulture will become the hotspot for innovative and practicable sales concepts at Messe Essen from January 22 to 25, 2019. In the IPM Discovery Centre in Hall 8A (East Entrance), the visitors will become discoverers of their own sector. On the basis of POS situations and guided tours as well as in the specialist lectures in the Speakers' Corner, they will experience what concepts can be used in order to arouse the enthusiasm of existing and new customers. Furthermore, IPM ESSEN will be an attractive port of call for the green retail trade in other halls too. The wide range on offer at the green trade fair will include a great selection of plants and new breeds, innovative equipment for the visitors' own businesses as well as hardware.

The first port of call for purchasers and decision takers from garden centres will be the IPM Discovery Centre at IPM ESSEN: Under the creative direction of Romeo Sommers, the show will feature strong-selling POS concepts which the Dutch trendwatcher will have created from products of the participating exhibitors, so-called IPM Discovery Centre Heroes - in an extraordinary and innovative way appropriate for the target groups. The displayed shop situations will be designed in such a way that they can be adopted in the visitors' own businesses one to one. The concepts will not only be oriented to general trends in society but will also take account of findings about the purchasing behaviour of consumers. On the exhibitor side, the IPM Discovery Centre will bring together all the participants along the entire value added chain: from producers of living greenery via manufacturers of hardware and garden accessories right up to suppliers of horticultural technology. The common objective of strengthening the sales of green products will exist as the connecting element.

Information at First Hand in Guided Tours

Any interested people will learn valuable background information about the introduced POS situations every day in guided tours with Romeo Sommers. The meeting place will be the Speakers' Corner. Registration will not be required.

Speakers' Corner Focuses on Fruit, Vegetables and Herbs

The Speakers' Corner will concentrate on things worth knowing about everything to do with the subject of the retail trade in the context of the green sector. In entertaining lectures every day, proven specialists and exhibitors will pass on how the visitors' own businesses can become even more successful and, above all, remain future-oriented.

On January 24 and 25, 2019, attention will then focus on the trend subject of fruit, vegetables and herbs. This segment of horticulture is pleased about growing demands. On the Fruit, Vegetables and Herbs Days which will be staged by Haymarket Media, the visitors will obtain answers about how the young, urban target group can be addressed successfully. In their lectures, the speakers will keep an eye not only on the perspectives of the production but also on those of the trade and the consumers. In this respect, the spectrum of subjects will extend from the gastronomic concept in the garden centre via the optimum utilisation of digital media for tree nurseries right up to addressing new target groups using tailor-made brands. In total, there will be ten lectures on the programme on the Fruit, Vegetables and Herbs Day which Haymarket Media will stage in the IPM Discovery Centre. Concrete examples of successful practitioners will show what concepts function and where any possible limits may lie.

Relevant Products and Services for Garden Centres

Halls 1 and 2, half of Hall 4, Halls 6, 7, 8, 8A and 8B, the Foyer of the Grugahalle as well as the Galeria will be interesting to owners, managers and employees of garden centres. A large number and wide variety of additional plants will be presented here: no matter whether green or flowering house plants, exotic growths from distant countries, bedding and balcony plants, little fruit trees, vegetable plants, herbs, shrubs, succulents, woody plants or cut flowers. Suppliers of soils and fertilisers as well as manufacturers of irrigation systems will show their portfolios in Hall 3 and in half of Hall 4. Anybody who would like to invest in a new cash register system, shopping trolleys, displays, presentation areas or miscellaneous appealing shop fittings will be in the right place in Halls 3 and 5. Hardware, e.g. garden decorations or cachepots, will be represented in the Floristry and Garden Features areas in Hall 5. And the sectoral association of the garden centre operators will also have its own booth at IPM ESSEN. The Association of the German Garden Centres (VDG) will be available for discussions in the Galeria.

Young Innovative Companies

At the latest since relevant television shows have helped to attract more attention to the startup scene, the area of the young, innovative companies is almost no longer an insider tip. On an area in Hall 7 promoted by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs, ten booths will present ideas for new products and services for the green sector.