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IPM ESSEN 2019 Offers New Ideas and Fresh Marketing Concepts to the International Floristry Sector

Top-Class Stage Programme, Inspiring Showrooms and New Products

For florists and the floral retail trade, IPM ESSEN is amongst the most important dates on the calendar: Not by chance because the who's who on the international floristry scene will again meet up at Messe Essen from January 22 to 25, 2019. At the world's leading fair for horticulture, floral designers will once more focus on subjects which can be implemented directly in the day-to-day work: from new technologies via winning over target groups right up to innovative point of sale concepts. The creative input will be supplied by live demonstrations, showrooms and a comprehensive supporting programme in the Green City in Hall 1A. Furthermore, IPM ESSEN will be the platform for the introduction of new products for the needs of florists.
The entire Hall 5 will present a comprehensive range for floral needs. This will include creative packaging, greetings cards, florists' sponges and wires, tools, planting bowls and cachepots as well as decorative articles made of wood, metal or glass. The portfolios of the exhibitors will feature numerous innovations which will modify customary symmetries and re-interpret established shapes. For florists, it will also be worth visiting Halls 1 and 2 as well as the Galeria because these will focus on the ornamental plants. Here, any interested people will find green and flowering house plants, bedding and balcony plants as well as cut flowers in all shapes and colours. Popular plant novelties will be introduced in a concentrated form in the Innovation Showcase of the Central Horticultural Association in Hall 1A.

Green City - A Paradise for Florists

New POS ideas for a successful business year: IPM ESSEN will offer that in the Green City. In addition to numerous concepts in the g&v Creative Centre and in the Bloom's Special Show, the FDF World will again be one point of attraction for floral designers from all over the world. The Trade Association of German Florists (FDF) - Federal Association will invite people to obtain information about all the subjects for everything to do with contemporary floral design. Live stage shows, workshops, showrooms, networking and advice will be on the agenda.

Live Floristry on the Highest Level in the FDF World

Belgium will be the partner country of IPM ESSEN 2019. It is all the more pleasing that the opening show at 11.00 a.m. on January 22 will also be characterised by the kingdom. With reference to the internationally recognised flower show called "Fleuramour" in Alden Biesen in Belgium, well-known Belgian and international florists will come up with a flowery and thrilling stage show.
The programme will continue internationally at 2.30 p.m. on the Tuesday of the fair when the floral designers Frédéric Dupré from France, Sara-Lisa Ludvigsson from Sweden, Hanneke Frankema and Hans Zijlstra from the Netherlands, Tomasz Max Kuczynski from Poland as well as Ahti Lyra from Estonia will present innovative wedding decorations and extravagant floral creations. Additional shows with the international floristry stars will take place at 1.00 p.m. on the Wednesday and at 11.00 a.m. on the Thursday.
The reigning German Champion of Florists Michael Liebrich, the runner-up Heiko Steudtner and the third-placed Franziska Strobl will present a dynamic Florist Show to the public at 11.00 a.m. on the Wednesday and at 2.00 p.m. on the Thursday. Amongst other highlights, they will design an alternative blossoming gift for Valentine's Day in 2019 or create plant arrangements about the guiding trend called "Urban Jungle". Moreover, they will design inventive arrangements for successful posts in the social media under the topic "#flowerlovers: My Favourite Item for 2019".
The Flower Battles at 3.00 p.m. on the Wednesday and at 12.30 p.m. on the Friday will be a fast-paced creative competition with and for the youngsters. Within the shortest time, the participants will have to select their materials from a material pool and create a floral arrangement. The public will determine who will advance to the next round.

FDF Flower Trends in 2019: Fresh Trendsetters for the New Year

The flower is a lifestyle product and an expression of the living world of the consumer. For 2019, the Holland Flower Office has once more spotted three major consumer trends: "Harvesting Elements", "New Frontiers" and "Soft Landing" will be the trends which can be used in order to identify young and modern consumers in particular. The FDF team has converted these currents in society into creations and will introduce the results for the first time at IPM ESSEN 2019.
Durable, robust and available all year long - Chrysanthemums are absolute top sellers in floristry. Year in year out, FDF dedicates a new blossoming collection to this exceptional plant - in 2019, under the motto "Life is Uncertain. Have Fun with Flowers!" Every motif will be provided with hashtags and optimised for displaying in the social media.
Under the motto "Urban Jungle", the visitors to the fair can expect a green experience area which will invite them to immerse themselves in the world of plants. The showroom will provide inspiration for the modern displaying of house plants. FDF will invite people to a workshop on this subject. Furthermore, various trend islands from the "House Plant of the Month" campaign initiated by the Holland Flower Office will show how house plants can be displayed in a modern contemporary look. Similar to the "House Plant of the Month", the "Flower Agenda 2019" will also encourage consumers to make their homes more beautiful with flowers. Therefore, a spectrum of seasonal blossoms will be presented parallel to the House Plant of the Month.

Advice, Inspiration and Networking

At IPM ESSEN, FDF will provide information about its great spectrum of services. No matter whether advice for members or information about training and further education. The FDF state associations and also the FDF School for Master Florists in Gelsenkirchen will be in situ and will answer questions. The connected FDF Café will invite people to catch their breath and to exchange opinions amongst colleagues. Furthermore, an inspiration area for creative ideas will again be available in the FDF World. #floralproject 3.0 will serve as a port of call for the young generation and will be looked after by winners of the German Federal State Championships and participants in the German Championship of Florists together with the Creative Director Manfred Hoffmann and Petra Spring.

BLOOM's WORLD: GREEN! Livens Up the Point of Sale

Four days long, everything in the BLOOM's WORLD in Hall 1A will revolve around the GREEN! subject. Here, florists will find no end of inspirations for point of sale presentations which are close to practical needs and easy to implement. In this respect, the motto will not be restricted to the colour alone but will focus on the "green attitudes to life" of the consumers in which significance is attached to well-being, ecological compatibility, vitality and consciously healthy living. Attached "theme houses" in different styles will show trend-oriented goods presentations, consumer-relevant products, plant innovations as well as feasible floral ideas. In the "Flower Shop", different concepts and live demonstrations for the floristry trade will be offered on the "Celebrate" subject. The "Wedding" area will show modern, casual wedding bouquets and table decorations. Urn decorations and funeral wreaths in the botanical style will be presented on the "Mourning" area. The "Outdoor" presentation will concentrate on plants and outdoor tubs. The special show will be completed by a media booth, workshops and the learning workshop.

g&v Creative Centre

The g&v Creative Centre will provide the visitors with further inspirations for goods presentation and will thus create new incentives for copying them in their own businesses. In live shows, well-known florists will bring the subject fields entitled "Additional Assortment - Well-Served" and "Decoy of the Month" to life. The champion florist and the "Master of Table Culture" Björn Kroner-Salié will show how opulent table decorations with various additional products can be used as an ideal sales area and what diversity is offered by table culture. The natural designer and champion florist Christiane Nebel will produce various decoy workpieces for the visitors on the basis of a special material and will thus present the diverse possibilites of designing.

IPM Fair Cup: "Wild Thing - Natural, Original, Cheeky and Free"

Effective displays, exciting creations and lots of designing delight - the IPM Fair Cup will be amongst the highlights of the supporting programme. No matter whether a florist or a gardener, a trainee or a master florist: All the participants in the competition will be given the chance to present themselves, their ability and their workpieces at IPM ESSEN in the "Bouquets", "Green Hero in the Pot" and "Tub Planting" categories. In this respect, this year's subject of the tripartite competition will be called "Wild Thing - Natural, Original, Cheeky and Free".

Go to the Fair More Cheaply with the Online Ticket

Tickets for IPM ESSEN are already available on the website now - and that without any waiting times and at cheaper prices than in situ. A one-day ticket costs Euro 22 online and Euro 33 at the ticket office. Any interested people can find all the prices and the ticket types as well as additional information about how to travel to the fair and to book accommodation at: www.ipm essen.de.

Well-Informed with the Fair App

Furthermore, the free IPM ESSEN app for iOS and Android will offer all the relevant information about the horticultural event of the year: from the list of exhibitors via the supporting programme right up to a note function as support for a structured visit to the fair. Two weeks before the beginning of the fair, the app will be available for downloading from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.


IPM ESSEN is the world's leading fair for horticulture. From January 22 to 25, 2019, around 1,600 exhibitors from almost 50 nations will present their innovations along the entire value added chain in the green sector: from plants and cut flowers in all colours and shapes via the newest technology and floristry on the highest level right up to the sales-promoting equipment for the point of sale. Belgium will be the partner country of IPM ESSEN in 2019.