World's Leading Fair for Horticulture Becomes the Platform for Innovative Product Novelties and Trends

Breadfruit House Plant, Sauna Rosemary and Balcony Pumpkin

Trade visitors will find an abundance of new products for gardens, balconies and living rooms at IPM ESSEN. Purchasers will use the world's leading fair for horticulture in order to track down new trends and to place orders for the coming season. From January 22 to 25, around 1,600 exhibitors from nearly 50 countries will show their innovations along the entire value added chain in horticulture at Messe Essen. Here are a few selected product highlights:

The extremely hot summer last year brought garden owners to their limits with regard to plant maintenance. The prolonged drought even led to the situation that citizens were requested to water public green areas. One thing is certain: The climate change is in full swing and extreme weather conditions are becoming more frequent. Robust plants are in demand. For example, the exhibitor Dümmen Orange (Hall 2, Booths D10 and D13) will present a new Impatiens variety called SunStanding. It tolerates not only a lot of sun but also heavy rainfall events and thrives in almost every location. It is easy-care and bears dark-green leaves which provide an appealing contrast to the colourful blossoms.

Defying the Climate Change

The AquaDepot water reservoir from Mariol (Hall 4, Booth B22) is a good choice in order to protect flowers and also self-planted fruit and vegetables from the next heat wave. A special granulate is swelled by water and thus permits the continuous release of water oriented to the needs. The trick: The plants only take up the water quantity which they need. Thus, waterlogging is no longer a problem.

At the moment, there is a rethink in matters relating to urban green areas too: What woody plants are suitable for the so vital vegetation in urban spaces? The Malus 'Royal Raindrops®' is a promising innovation from the USA. The slowly growing, large bush or also the small tree has upright growth. It is very heat-resistant and robust to leaf diseases. The Ley nursery has the sole propagation right to this variety in Germany (Hall 7, Booth C16). Israeli exhibitors will show further heat-resistant and drought-resistant plants on their joint booth (Hall 2, Booth 2B15).

However, not only the weather can expose plants to stress. Pests often make it difficult for the beloved balcony flowers. With Imara®, the team from Syngenta Flowers is the first on the market with a new Impatiens walleriana which is stronger and more resistant to false mildew than all the others before (Hall 1, Booth C29). The box tree moth is an uninvited guest in many gardens. The partner country Belgium will present the latest status of the research into combatting the unpopular small moth on the joint booth of the Flanders' Agricultural Marketing Board - VLAM (Hall 2, Booth B25) at 11 a.m. on January 24.

Environmentally Friendly Packaging

The subject of sustainability which is becoming increasingly relevant to end consumers will also set the tone at IPM ESSEN. More and more consumers are paying attention to environmental friendliness when making purchases - particularly with regard to avoiding plastic waste. Several exhibitors will show innovative and environmentally friendly plant packaging at IPM ESSEN. The manufacturer Pöppelmann really cares about the subject of the conservation of resources. Therefore, the plastic for the plant pots in the "Recycling Blue" colour comes directly from the Yellow Bag and also lands there once again. Thus, the raw material cycle is completely closed (Hall 2, Booth D31). Koen Pack (Hall 1, Booth D12.30) will introduce an environmentally friendly alternative to the conventional plastic packaging of plants. The so-called Pla bags are transparent like plastic film but 100-percent biodegradable. The Cyperus Papyrus from Neervenplant (Hall 1, Booth E21) is a product with all-round sustainability. The plant producer breeds the sedge in a purely biological process and produces the seeds itself. The pot and the label are made of recycled material. The soil is enriched with a lot of coconut and not a lot of peat.

There is Enough Space on the Smallest Balcony

The "Grow Your Own" trend is continuing: It is very popular to cultivate your own fruit and vegetables. However, there is often not always enough space available and the handling must not be too time-consuming or complicated either. The Blu-Blumen nursery (Hall 1, Booth E35) will bring a lot of innovations relating to this trend with it to Essen: What about mini mangetout peas, a balcony hokkaido or a balcony courgette?

Kraege (Hall 7, Booth F30) will show gourmet trio strawberries. From the earliest variety to the latest variety, they can be harvested over a period of two months. Because the plants of the Rendezvous, Renaissance and Lola varieties all grow in one pot. As a trio, they are suitable for picking on balconies and terraces as well as for planting in garden beds.

The strawberry tree called Sissi Strawberry from Gusta Garden (Hall 4, Booth D24), a vertical planting system, is particularly suitable for this purpose. It makes it child's play to cultivate healthy strawberries: The clever product design simplifies the planting, the watering and the harvesting.

Romberg (Hall, 4, Booth A39) will show a space-saving and, at the same time, optically appealing innovation. The 2-in-1 greenhouse and planting system called BoQube offers space for up to ten favourite plants - simply select the seeds and off you go! The steps are easy: insert the pellets, fill water into the channel, apply the seeds, put the cover on and finished! The special feature: When the young plants are strong enough, BoQube is transformed into a trendy planter box for indoor and outdoor areas in just a few simple steps.

Exceptional and Curious Items

The somewhat different poinsettia will come from Selecta Klemm (Hall 2, Booth D21). The new variety called Christmas Mouse® has round instead of pointed bracts and is particularly robust. Its unusual, soft-looking leaf shape is reminiscent of the ears of a mouse.

The breadfruit variety called ULU! is in demand as an indoor ornamental foliage plant and goes optimally with the latest house plant trend. It has gigantic, beautifully lobed foliage and a pleasing habitus. Moreover, it is one of the most efficient house plants in relation to absorbing pollutants from the indoor air. For every tenth sold ULU! house plant, Cultivaris GmbH (Hall 2, Booth D27) undertakes to donate one small breadfruit tree to peasant farmers in the tropics in order to alleviate hunger and poverty there. Moreover, an amount per sold plant will also go to the country of origin of the variety - in this case, the island of Samoa. ULU! is the Hawaiian designation for the breadfruit tree.

The fragrant rosemary called 'Saunoa®' from Volmary (Hall 2, Booth A35) is a particularly resinous and thus intensively fragrant rosemary which is outstandingly suitable for soothing sauna infusions. Moreover, Saunoa® exudes the pleasant rosemary fragrance on balconies and terraces too. What's more, it evolves its particularly spicy taste when it is cooked.

Further products and innovations at the fair can be found in the press area on the www.ipm-essen.de website.