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BioTaurus is the great new brand for household and garden Hygiene and part of the worldwide Fritzmeier Group.

 BioTaurus products live up to their promise. Responsibility for the environment and complete biodegradability determine the way we think and how we act. All BioTaurus products are manufactured from plant-based raw materials. Their production is ecologically, economically and socially sound - honest and open, with respect for humans, for animals and for the environment.

 The BioTaurus product concept is based on self-regulating systems able to adapt to highly varied environmental conditions. The products use unique, complex mixtures of highly-effective micro-organisms as one means of achieving this adaptability. BioTaurus products use only micro-organisms that are verifiably free of resistance to antibiotics.

 Life on earth would not be possible without micro-organisms. They are the original life form. Some of them are experts in degrading toxic substances. The experts from BioTaurus, in turn, know how to make full use of this capability. BioTaurus products are synonymous with the rigorous implementation of many years' work in research and

development carried out by a team of specialists with the goal of completely degrading reactive substances to harmless organic compounds.

 All BioTaurus research and manufacturing processes are subject to strict quality and hygiene requirements and controls. BioTaurus implements two-fold quality control. Constant monitoring throughout the manufacturing and filling processes ensure the maximum efficiency of all BioTaurus products.


The BioTaurus developers undertake research and testing jointly with renowned universities and institutes:


 Institute for Hygiene and Environmental Medicine, University Hospital Medical Faculty, RWTH University, Aachen

 Technical University, Munich

 Vienna University of Technology

 Friedrich Schiller University of Jena



Partners of the vehicle industry and agriculture


We are the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for the manufacturer of off-highway vehicles and utility vehicles and focus our know-how in development and manufacturing on making our customers‘ products more efficient, safer and more economical.


For many years Fritzmeier has been the world market leader for cabs of construction machines and fork-lift trucks. We manufacture cabs and metal system parts, produce complete plastics construction groups, develop devices, tools and special custom-made machines and provide systems for fertilizer management.


Our four independently acting company areas profit from the intensive transfer of know-how and the exchange of experiences:

Cabs (cabs and metal system parts for vehicles)
Plastics (complete construction groups made of plastics)
Technology (devices, tools, special machines)
•Environment (systems for soil analysis, fertilizer management, water treatment and decontamination)

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