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Growing Technology by Ridder HortiMaX (www.hortimax.com )

HortiMaX develops and produces affordable horticultural solutions divided in several groups:

  • Process automation (process computers: climate, energy and water)
  • Plant Monitoring
  • Irrigation Solutions
  • Disinfections Solutions
  • Labor and Management Solutions
  • Global Growing Solutions

 Part of the Ridder Group

HortiMaX is part of the Ridder Group. Ridder believes that technology drives the evolution within controlled environment agriculture. Investing in greenhouse growing technology will enable growers to produce local, safe, sustainable, year-round available or premium products that distinguishes themselves in the market. Every region and climate in the world requires technology that supports growers in their development, personal demands and strategy. Ridder aims to be the preferred supplier of greenhouse growing technology for each and every grower on the planet. Our mission in this changing world is as follows:

“We understand and support greenhouse growers to achieve better results by offering best fit growing technology and mutually sharing our greenhouse growing knowledge. We will do this together with our partners in the industry”

“Not adopt, but adapt!”

Ridder excels in adapting its organization and technology to the needs of local markets. Products are designed in such a way that they can be easily adapted to follow the development of the growers needs and expansion plans. Past years we significantly invested in the development of new products. Examples of which are the HortiMaX CX500. In 2012 this was introduced as the new standard in adaptive greenhouse technology. Other examples are the Ridder Poly Drive, a specific drive system for plastic greenhouses, the HortiMaX-Go! (GreenTech 2016 innovation award, category automation), the smart greenhouse controller for starting growers and the FertiMiX-Go!, the fertilizer dosing system for small businesses. All this we do to continue to provide lasting customer value.

Other Ridder companies

  • Ridder Drive Systems
  • Ridder Climate Screens

Drive Technology by Ridder Drive Systems (www.ridder.com )

Ridder Drive Systems develops, produces and markets a complete range of electro-mechanical drive systems for moving air vents, screens, flaps, heating and feed lines, primarily in the agricultural sector.

Screening Technology by Ridder Climate Screens (www.ridderclimatescreens.com )

Ridder Climate Screens produces and distributes high quality climate screens worldwide for a better greenhouse climate. We are doing this via an extended network of greenhouse installers and greenhouse builders