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Our composition ranges are from 1 stem to 15 stems.


Okidland Biotechnologies Ltd, producer of Phalaenopsis Orchids « Fleurs de France »

Orchids « Fleurs de France »? How can that be ? Everyone knows that orchids come from Asia and the tropics. Well OKIDLAND BIOTECHNOLOGIES has been successfully growing high quality Phalaenopsis Orchids in France since 2012 and selling them on the French market, at the International Market of Rungis near Paris and abroad.

Liem Chuan YANG, CEO of OKIDLAND BIOTECHNOLOGIES Ltd, is passionate about orchids and wanted to make available in Europe the many different types of Phalaenopsis Orchids that grow in Taïwan and Thailand. In Taiwan, certain varieties of Orchids are considered weeds because they grow exceptionally fast all over the island, whereas in Europe, they are still considered plants of exceptional beauty. Thanks to mister Yang’s will for challenges, OKIDLAND Phalaenopsis Orchids are known throughout the world and present at worldwide flower exhibitions.

 Photo legend: Mister YANG, dressed in the colors of OKIDLAND BIOTECHNOLOGIES at the Dubai Flower exhibition in January 2017.

 Mister Yang is personally involved in choosing the different varieties that are produced in his greens houses in Hyères in the south of France and he even participates in the choice of flower pots for orchid compositions. OKIDLAND not only produces Phalaenopsis Orchids but also proposes a wide range of compositions from 1 to 15 stems. In fact, there is no limit to the size of our compositions only our imagination is the limiting factor.

 OKIDLAND acquired the green houses in 2009 to start producing Orchids in the best conditions in terms of temperature, sunlight and fresh air. Hyères, next to Toulon, in the south of France, historically used to play an important role in the horticultural history of France.

 OKIDLAND obtained the « Fleurs de France » Label because they grow their orchids from the « Flasks » stage for 2 years before having them flower for selling. Okidland uses sphagnum moss, a yellow colored moss from Chile that better maintains humidity for the plant and holds more firmly the different tutors than wood chips. The combination of Sphagnum moss and two years of growth produces orchid plants with very thick petals, luxurious foliage and 4 months flowering from the appearance of the first flower.

Since 2012, it has not always been a smooth ride for OKIDLAND and many difficulties have had to be overcome. Without considering the high costs of producing Orchids all year round, on 29th January 2014 our greenhouses were inundated by the terrible floods that hit the region of Hyères and thousands of plants were lost and equipment destroyed by the dirty waters; the plants that remained were contaminated and caused great losses to our production over the next three years. Since we grow our plants for 2 years, three years of production were lost.

OKIDLAND decided to make the most of this opportunity to reduce its impact on the environment by installing a solar powered heating and considerably reduced the fuel previously used to heat the 20 000m2 of greenhouses. Water is heated by the sun and stored in a giant reservoir of over 1 million litres and then passed into a vast network of pipes throughout the green houses night and day.

The « Fleurs de France » label has also been an opportunity for OKIDLAND to review its use of fertilizers and pesticides to meet the new « Plantes Bleues » label and its environmental requirements that are now obligatory. It is important to our CEO to have the smallest environmental impact as possible.

The large flowered white Phalaenopsis Orchid is the all-time favorite throughout the world, no doubt for its simplicity and purity but mono-colored Phalaenopsis Orchids are also very sought after.

 One of OKIDLAND’s specificity is that they guide their orchids to grow with a beautiful curve called the “Japanese salute”. This natural curve produces a flower stem with well aligned flowers and is more versatile plant when creating complex, high class compositions.

 Another regional difference is the sales of our “dwarfed” Phalaenopsis Orchid plants. Our greenhouses have successfully created a dwarfed version of its big flowered white Phalaenopsis orchid. OKIDLAND now provides three different heights of stem for its big flower white orchids: 40, 60 and 80 cm and enables us to produce compositions with no or little stem visible.

 OKIDLAND is always creating new services for its wholesalers and florists throughout France. The latest service is creating orchid compositions in the pots provided by the florists to correspond with the decoration of their shop or that of the company with which they have monthly contracts. This particular service is very much appreciated by florists that have a large number of regular contracts with hotels, restaurants and all types of companies

 This next season will bring new colors and new designs for the national and international markets.


About us

OKIDLAND Biotechnology is a professional grower and supplier of Orchids.   We are dedicated to growing the finest quality orchids for our customers.  Okidland was established in 2009 in Taiwan. Our business expanded through the acquisition and development of our nursery in Hyeres, France and in cooperation with other major orchid nurseries in Taiwan, we have formed a strategic alliance to supply many different types of products.


Our nursery is located in Hyeres, in the South of France.  It has an area of 40,000 square metres, of which 20,000 square metres are covered by our high-tech Eco greenhouse. Utilising the latest solar energy technologies to provide greenhouse heat, we can maintain the temperature to grow our orchids without the use of additional electricity thus enabling us to do our part to help keep the planet more natural and pollution-free.


Okidland Biotechnology has grown a number of diverse orchid crops, including Phalaenopsis, Cattleya, Paphiopedilum, Oncidium, Cycnoches, Pachira and Japanese Serissa.


In the future, Okidland will be committed to providing the highest quality flowering plants.  We aim to deliver affordable luxury and exceptional value flowering plants to all our customers, and to allow more people to embrace the beauty of orchids.