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IN 624001 Tamil Nadu
Herr Saikrishna Santhanam
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COCOPEAT EXPORT PVT. GMBH. Located in Dindigul Dt. , Tamil Nadu - India.


In the last 60 years trading in coconut in 11 states of India
Extension with coconut rope, coconut bales and 5 kg coconut blocks. From 2005,
the company started manufacturing and exporting Cocopeat Substrates, Coir
Grow sacks of different textures in different sizes according to customer
needs and according to their climatic conditions . We export to
33 countries worldwide.


We are an established and popular company with an excellent track
record for providing the best quality, customer satisfaction and services
worldwide. The Indian government had recognized our company under Star
Export House. Our products are certified by OMRI Certification , USA .


Our coco growbags are used in climate controlled greenhouses in USA and
European growing countries: Tomato, Cucumber, Peppers, Strawberry,
Blueberry, Rash Berry, Lettuce, Melon, Medicinal Cannabis (USA & CANADA
), Sports Turf and Lawns, For all garden and Floriculture
Cultivation and production of all types of substrates.


Sai Substrates manufactures soilless growing media for professionals
horticultural market with high quality raw materials of premium Indian
coco peat, European Baltic peat moss (Sphagnum), enriched with fertilizers
(NPK + microelements). Sai Substrates provides the necessary nutrition for the
first few weeks of cultivation, a period that can vary depending on the needs
of the plant and for this reason top-up fertilization is recommended
when necessary. It is a ready to use substrate & is supplied in 200
liter bale form, the average bale weight is 37kg/bale (attached).