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Insect Hotel Premium

Insect Hotel Premium

The Insect Hotel Premium is the solution for communities, clubs and companies. With an insect hotel you support numerous useful and endangered insect species. At the same time, the product also offers space for self-portrayal, for example in the form of a logo or coat of arms. Show everyone that you are doing good, protecting the environment and promoting biodiversity.

With this product, Tevigo rely on high-quality and durable materials such as robinia and European oak wood, from which the body and the nesting posts are made.

The insect hotel premium is made in a sheltered workshop in Germany. In this way, Tevigo not only keep transport routes and the carbon footprint small, but also support an important social institution.

Company profile

Under the GARDIGO brand, Tevigo GmbH from Vechelde in Lower Saxony not only offers all kinds of animal repellent products, but also more and more nesting aids for insects, birdhouses and feeding stations.

The special thing about it: Many of the products are made in Germany, from local wood species and in cooperation with workshops for people with disabilities. This keeps transport routes short and the CO₂ footprint remains small - especially compared to products from Asia, which have to be shipped around the globe. There is also the aspect of social sustainability: with the purchase, one supports an important social institution.

The Insect Hotel Premium is particularly interesting for gardeners and landscapers. It is extra large (adapted to pallet size for easy transport) and made of high-quality oak and robinia wood. Suitable for parks, gardens, kindergartens, playgrounds, company headquarters, apartment buildings, etc.

The Insect Hotel Premium can also be individualized with company logos or similar.

This feral bee nesting aid was developed in cooperation with a beekeeper. No surprise that the insects accept it very well.