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Advanced Intelligent Systems A Practical Robotic Company
Author: S Govahi

Company profile

Advanced Intelligent System is a Practical Robotic company that invents autonomous, customised & modular robotic solutions to address shortage of labor for labor intensive, dangerous and repetitive jobs in various industries.

AIS First Robot “BigTop” is in commercialization and invented by industry demand to move and space pots autonomously in green house and nurseries.
Our next product in the market is a cloud base MaaS (Machine As A Service) software called AIS Connect.
AIS Connect is created to help manufacturer to increase their sales revenue and profit by applying easy to obtain financial model (MaaS) to their options.
Our Next Robots Pruner (In agriculture industry) and Cart Puller (in warehousing, manufacturing, agriculture, mining & transportation industries) are on their way to commercialised in 2020 and 2021.