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New Instore Waste Solutions by WaterWick

New Instore Waste Solutions by WaterWick


AimFresh is a dynamic Viscon Group company with a team of young professionals. The focus is on fresh, innovative and creative ideas for packaging and accessories for plants and fresh products, creating both on -and offline retail solutions in the horticultural industry. AimFresh keeps the entire supply chain in mind during the process: from the producers to the standard retail logistics. 

AimFresh introduces a new line of in store waste solutions for potted plants, by WaterWick. WaterWick introduces the WaterWick Transport Tray & WaterWick Buffer Tray. WaterWick is the blue & white rope which draws water from a reservoir, to help the plant stay in its happy plant zone. At IPM 2016 WaterWick successfully introduced the WaterWick Pin Tray. The Pin Tray is a revolutionary in store waste solution. This tray holds a watering reservoir for wicked plants. Store employees only have to keep the reservoir filled and every plant will take care of itself. This instore waste solution for retailers has proven to reduce waste up to 15 percent. The system is tested and used in the leading retail stores all over the U.S.

For more information: http://www.visconaimfresh.com/

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