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Company profile

Spectbee; is an incoming brand of Bahar Aydınlatma, constituted after Research & Development works starting over horticultural lighting area by 2017. By the time 2019, company start to produce grow light solutions for greenhouses, tissue culture facilities, research facilities and indoor plant factories with the name Spectbee.   

Bahar Aydınlatma, is one of the leading manufacture company within the lighting manufacture companies in Turkey. It is established in 1986, starting with hand mand luminaries with a very few people and by 2020 it is increased to 200 people working, integrated factory, manufacturing every piece of the products, inside its 16.000m2 facility. All the metal works, paintings and LED SMT process hold inside the facilities. Also the optical and radiometric tests are experimented inside the accredited laboratories inside the company.

 Spectbee has developed a range of products with respect to application areas, and all the products have various combinations with special properties. Spectbee provide service about; modelling, numerical analysis, control systems for the facilities. Beyond producing growlights, Spectbee acts a solution partner, works for planning and project designing for any kind of application over the area.