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Bakker E-fulfillment now opens it doors for partners

Bakker E-fulfillment now opens it doors for partners

The billion-euro “green” market is shifting from offline to online, leading to staggering growth figures in online sales of both indoor and outdoor plants. Expectations for the coming years are highly positive. Consumers appreciate the effect that, having living greenery in their home and work environment, has on their level of happiness. They will increasingly buy these products online. We can put that smile on peoples’ faces — for your customers as well!

We already support a variety of market participants, from growers to retailers, all of whom face the challenge of offering living green products online and delivering them to their customers in good condition. Let us help you to serve your customers and accelerate your growth by offering them a full range of living plants online.

A scalable and efficient fulfillment process for plants is a complex operation and Bakker has a proven track record with just that. Why not benefit from over 75 years of international experience and let us take care of the fulfillment and shipping of your online orders; 100% stress-free. You do the growing, we’ll take care of the rest!

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