Grund 11
AT 5122 Hochburg-Ach

Company profile

The Baumschule Steiner was founded in 1988 by the brothers Steiner in Upper Austria. On a space of 6.5 hectare the innovative company produces ilex, various berry bushes, azalea, rhododendrons, broad-leafed shrubs and English yew. Threw our long experience, we are able to offer our customers practice related advice. Since 2013, blueberry and cranberry plants have been offered in an organic quality too.

The newest invention the ROBUSTICO is a replacement for box. The ROBUSTICO is used to the city climate, can get contour cuts, is hardy and extremely resistant against the common box diseases.

Another highlight in the range is the Hortblue-Petite®, this blueberry shrub can be cropped twice a year. With its gently white blossom the Hortblue-Petite® pleases the gardeners heart with delicious fruits in spring and autum.