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3GG Gear Motor

Introduction of 3GG Gear Motor

1. The failure rate of the limited switch is reduced to 5 ‰ from 5%.

At present, the most common quality problem of the gear motor is the damage of the limit switch control system. The main reason is that the self-locking performance of the gear motor fails to be qualified and the braking distance is too long. The statistical results of advanced gear motors show that when the braking distance is less than 10 mm, the failure rate will be greatly reduced.

In addition, it is predicted by the engineers of world important users that the braking distance of 3GG gear motor is less than 5 mm (5.2 rpm) and the failure rate is reduced to 5 ‰ from 5%.

2. Self-locking performance is excellent, to meet the high precision window system.

3GG adopts the last stage worm self-locking transmission system, which greatly improves the self-locking performance. Even the braking distance of the of 5.2 rpm gear motor (usually 2.6 rpm) can reach less than 5mm, which fully meets the requirements of high-precision windowing system and prolongs the service life.

3. Adding overload protection and power phase loss protection function.

3GG gear motor adds overload protection and power phase loss protection functions to the limit switch control system. When the three-phase power supply becomes two-phase, it automatically stops. When the load exceeds 1.5 times the rated load, it also automatically stops. After troubleshooting, the motor runs again, thus greatly reducing the number of after-sales service.

4. Adding the manual opening and closing device for power failure.

In the animal husbandry industry, when the windows are closed, the indoor temperature rises rapidly if there is power failure, which affects the growth of indoor poultry or causes a large number of deaths. Manual devices are now added, which when the power is off can be operated manually to open windows or to draw curtains to ensure the normal operation of livestock houses or greenhouses.

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Beijing Fenglong Greenhouse Technology Co., Ltd (formerly named Beijing Fenglong Agriculture Engineering Co., Ltd) is a high-tech company specialized in the production, sales, design, research and development of electronic and mechanical products for protected agriculture, including materials and equipments for greenhouse construction and modern livestock housing.

The company has developed hundreds of products, which includes TANIKANKIT electric, manual roll up unit, window system; FLC ® circulation fan, gear motor; LOCKUP ® profile, VINIPET ® spring, TOYOTANI® film as well as various kinds of rack and pinions, aluminum profiles, multi -channel greenhouse intelligent control system, shading systems, cooling pad system. These internationally edge-cutting products have been serving the customers worldwide.

With a modernized plant covering 40000 square meters, Beijing Fenglong has also a R & D branch, which files 10-strong Patents annually. The company has in place a very strict quality control system, certified by ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system, and OHSAS18001 health and safety management.

Beijing Fenglong and Japanese Toto Kogyo Co., Ltd established their joint venture BeijingToto Kogyo Horticultural Co., Ltd 10 years ago. With that, Beijing Fenglong has introduced advanced Japanese production technologies and management concepts, and has promoted Beijing Fenglong's exports of manual & electric roll up units, springs and greenhouse control system to Japan all year round. The excellent performance has further updated Fenglong's management concept, improved its product development, quality management and after-sales service.

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