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Products and innovations

Hybrid lighting solution for professional greenhouses

BLV is one of the very few providers in the market that offers a complete range of assimiliation lighting: From lamps and power supplies to complete luminaires and from HPS or MH to LED, all from one source and perfectly synchronised with each other.

BLV introduces a hybrid solution: the well establised, efficient and reliable HPS lights in combination with high performance LED interlighing. This hybrid solution is designed for greenhouses with high wire crops that aim for the best standards.

The HPS luminiares are equiped with a lamp and power supply produced in BLV’s factories in Europe. The compact and solid design provides best-in-class PAR values and spectra for optimum plant growth. Safety, reliability, efficiency and durability are guaranteed. The open reflector allows an easy heat dissipation that increases the lifetime of the lamp. This can be translated directly into a reduction of maintenance and replacement costs.

The LED interlighting luminaires are available in different spectra, adapted to the needs of your crop! The passively cooled luminaire has been designed to optimise efficiency, light homogeneity and light absorption by the plants. The anodised aluminium housing is non-corrosive and classified with an ingress protection of IP66. Installation in a continuous line along the rows of plants is made easy thanks to feed-through wiring.


Company profile

BLV Licht- und Vakuumtechnik is a German company founded in 1968.
With its HORTURION series, BLV plays a key role in professional horticulture for over 10 years now and distributes its products in more than 40 countries around the globe.

The company is one of the very few players in the market offering complete HPS, MH and LED lighting systems – fixtures, power supply and lamps as well as LED toplighing, interlighting and multilayer solutions. All from one source!

Moreover, BLV considers itself much more than just a lighting solution provider. With in-depth knowledge of the market, scientific expertise, comprehensive consulting services – including lighting advice and light planning – and sustained after-sales service, the company is a technology partner for its customers.

Having retained its character as a mid-sized company, BLV is able to respond to individual customer requests with truly customised solutions. That’s what sets BLV apart from others.

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