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BLV becomes complete system provider for grow light

BLV is expanding its product portfolio and becomes one of the very few companies that provide complete systems for horticulture lighting. The manufacturer of the world famous HPS and MH HORTURION lamp series has developed highly efficient luminaires and a power supply for maximum flexibility.

The top lighting luminaires with high-pressure sodium (HPS) and metal-halide (MH) lamps of 600 W / 750 W and 1000 W, provide first-in-class PAR values and spectra for optimum plant growth. The open reflector construction enables perfect lamp temperatures, light distribution and maximum durability. Moreover, it is easily removable for cleaning purposes and the reflector material was specifically developed for horticulture applications.

The modern, compact and robust design of the luminaire holds a power supply that was likewise developed by BLV. This reliable and efficient power supply operates all BLV HPS and MH lamps and can be adopted to different needs: All double-ended BLV HPS & MH 100W, 750 W and 600 W lamps can be used in one and the same luminaire. If light levels need to be adjusted this can be done by exchanging the lamp and reprogramming the power supply.
Furthermore, the design is EMI compliant and equipped with all of the necessary safety features, including a wireless read-out system with over 70 logs.

The power supply was engineered and is produced in Germany according to the highest quality standards.
Being a provider for complete systems, BLV is able to offer efficient and effective lighting solutions to professional growers that are perfectly synchronized with each other.

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Innovative LED mulitlayer system with white grow light

Innovative LED mulitlayer system with white grow light

At IPM 2018 BLV presents its brand new LED multilayer system for professional horticulture lighting. This multilayer system is best suited for the cultivation of seedlings and cuttings as well as for herbs for the food and pharmaceutical industries.
Currently, there are luminaires with two different spectra available: LED formula red 2.1 and LED formula white 1.2.

LED formula red 2.1 spectrum
Purple light has become the visual synonym of efficient LED assimilation lighting. In combination with natural daylight it can increase photosynthesis, biomass and yield. The BLV formula red 2.1 spectrum is very efficient and delivers highest PAR radiation.

However, purple horticulture lighting masks the natural leaf and petal colour and makes it nearly impossible to select plants according to their morphological traits, identify pests or see signs of malnutrition. Therefore, BLV has developed an additional spectrum:  LED formula white 1.2

The BLV formula white 1.2 spectrum
The real innovation comes with the so-called LED formula white 1.2 spectrum, which is even more geared to the needs of the growers and so far unique. It solves the problem of unwanted or irritating masking of natural colours: The new luminaire combines a spectrum that is optimised for plant growth with a high colour visibility and a colour temperature close to daylight.

With a colour temperature of 3 500 Kelvin and an excellent colour rendering index (CRI) of 90, BLV sets a new standard that brings out even small differences between colours. This eases the entire process of monitoring, selection, pest control and phenotyping.

Company profile

BLV Licht- und Vakuumtechnik is a German company founded in 1968.
With its HORTURION series, BLV plays a key role in professional horticulture for over 10 years now and distributes its products in more than 40 countries around the globe.

The company is one of the very few players in the market offering complete HPS, MH and LED lighting systems – fixtures, power supply, lamps and LED luminaires all from one source.

Moreover, BLV considers itself much more than just a lighting solution provider. With in-depth knowledge of the market, scientific expertise, comprehensive consulting services – including lighting advice and light planning – and sustained after-sales service, the company is a technology partner for its customers.

Having retained its character as a mid-sized company, BLV is able to respond to individual customer requests with truly customised solutions. That’s what sets BLV apart from others.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in Hall 3  Booth A21.