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DE 26683 Saterland
Mr. Lars Penning
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Bodenwunder plant soil 20 liters

Bodenwunder plant soil 20 liters

The sustainable organic potting soil

100 % peat-free | weed- and compost-free | natural water reservoir

- increases the pore volume of the soil and thus its capacity to store water
- stores and supplies nutrients to plants
- strengthens the soil structure and promotes filter and buffer functions
- increases aggregate stability and reduces susceptibility to erosion
- promotes soil fertility and plant health
- improves water infiltration into the soil

Company profile

Our Philosophy

Bodenwunder is a young company and sees itself as an innovator and pioneer.

Our goal is to extract and use resources as sustainably as possible.

"We want to use resources in an economically sustainable way, avoid negative environmental impacts and act in a just socially responsible manner."

 As a manufacturing company, we are aware of our responsibility and produce climate positively for the future. And this future does not start tomorrow, it starts here and now with Bodenwunder.