Odensevej 32
DK 5620 Glamsbjerg

Company profile

At BotanIQ Lab we create home accessories based on long lasting plant and we introduce an entirely new collection twice a year. One collection for spring/summer and one for autumn/winter. The collections hold different pot sizes, surfaces, colors and plants and are presented with at story told in words and pictures.

We also like to invent new ways of presenting plants in modern homes. We introduced the magnet flower pot Magnetized some years ago and on this year's IPM we are ready to introduce new exiting product this year.

BotanIQ Lab is located in Glamsbjerg, Denmark and is run by Thomas and Pia Offer Madsen and a highly competend team. The company was originally a plant nursery but this generation of owners have developed it into a home decoration company where long lasting plants still play an important role.

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