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Products and innovations

Preserved flower diffuser

Preserved flower diffuser

Preserved flowers are the best interior decoration made of real flowers. When real flowers are the most beautiful in full bloom, they are applied with a special preserved solution and undergo a series of processes of dehydrating-bleaching-coloring-preserving-drying to retain their original vivid color, softness, and volume for three to five years.

Company news

Cocodor EU office is open

Cocodor has extend to European and opened its first European office in Turin, Italy. 

Company profile

Cocodor has been around since its foundation in 2002 and has steadily grown as a leading Candle and Diffuser company in Korea. It specializes in manufacturing diffusers with natural ingredients, extended know-how, and optimal mix. With fully equipped facilities, we can develop and manufacture high-quality products at a reasonable price. We have become a pioneer and a leading company in the fragrance industry in Korea. We strive to continue our mission to provide everyone to enjoy a beautiful scent that is environmentally safe and share the profit with the people in need.