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Vectorworks 2024: Faster workflows from start to finish

Vectorworks 2024: Faster workflows from start to finish

As one of the most modern CAD solutions, the latest version of the design software Vectorworks Landscape is designed to provide optimal support for landscaping companies in all project phases. New parametric tools, improved interfaces and a revized user interface ensure fast workflows - from start to finish.

The updated and modernized user interface makes working in Vectorworks more efficient and easier to customize. The reorganized View and Mode bars bring a wide range of tools to the forefront, so you can decide how to organize and have everything you need right where you need it. And Dark Mode is now available on both Windows and Mac.

A novelty for garden planning is the new parametric Fence tool. Optimized for simplified and detailed representations, the Fence tool supports integrated posts, gates, and terrain-conforming options like raked or panel/stepped. Save significant time while designing in 2D and 3D with accurate material reporting, reducing errors in material specifications. 

3D modeling has always been a strength of Vectorworks. Experience more freedom when transforming your models. The new 3D Dragger will always appear in front of the selected objects for easy access, and contextual handles for translation, rotation, and scale provide comprehensive and intuitive ways to transform selected objects without disruptions. Additional modes like snap-free, planar, and auxiliary rotation options give you the control you need to make your modelling process smoother.

Vectorworks Landmark 2024 brings you a dedicated colour palette to provide beautiful, nature-focused colour swatches. You will be able to quickly access the colours you need to clearly communicate your design intentions, saving you time and letting you focus on your design.

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Vectorworks Landscape

Vectorworks Landscape

As the leading CAD program for gardening and landscaping, Vectorworks Landscape offers many powerful special tools and works hand in hand with other industry software solutions. Vectorworks Landscape is the perfect solution - for sketches, sales plans and detailed invoicing.

Vectorworks includes CAD, graphics and layout functions with integrated 3D rendering. Quickly create convincing design plans without having to use another software. Numerous functions for gardening and landscaping are already integrated in the program and take a lot of work off your hands. A comprehensive plant database supports you in your plant planning. Plant lists and a legend are created automatically.

Vectorworks gives you a lot of freedom when drawing. This allows you to concentrate on your creative work. Create your garden design as a 3D visualization as a matter of course. Impress your customers with a beautiful perspective in sketch style or photorealistic. Of course, you can also create perfect 2D plans.

Company profile

Since the mid-1990s, ComputerWorks GmbH has specialised in the translation, further development and support of programs for construction and project management. In particular, ComputerWorks offers a wide range of services such as support, training and consulting for Vectorworks Landscape - the leading CAD programme for gardening and landscaping - as well as other software tools.
With its many powerful specialised tools, Vectorworks Landscape is the perfect all-in-one solution for landscaping and landscape architecture - for sketches, sales plans and detailed invoicing: Exceptional landscapes require exceptional tools. The latest version of the CAD, GIS and BIM software Vectorworks Landscape features advanced technology that offers new possibilities for faster workflows and a more attractive way of designing. This allows gardening and landscaping companies and landscape architects alike to design freely and plan uniquely without the software limiting creative processes.