Akker 18
BE 9060 Zelzate
Mr. Bert De Martelaer

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Company profile

De Martelaer Tree nursery was founded by Frans De Martelaer in 1985.  In the mid-90’s, when his oldest son Koen joined the nursery, the company became more and more specialized in growing ornamental trees. The company’s focus changed and gradually, it evolved from production-only to a mixture production-trade.

With the arrival of the other two children, Ilse and Bert, the company showed a more international character. The nursery’s focus changed to direct export and in 2005, after the take-over by the three children, it was split up in a production entity (De Martelaer L.V.) and a commercial entity. (De Martelaer BVBA). Ever since, our company’s policy is based on quality in every sense, good understanding and personal contact with each of our customers.

Product presentation

De Martelaer Tree nursery, 22 ha, family business of the 2nd generation, has made it their specific skill to grow twice transplanted ornamental trees as a final, complete product. This means that our trees are not only perfect for further transplanting, but have been grown particularly for the purpose of planting in containers, perfect for direct selling to your end customer. Straight stems and well-balanced root systems are only the minimum. Our young trees show a complete, full crown and are grown with a strong leader, so your customer will see a direct effect and aesthetic result in his garden or alongside his lane.