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Knowledge development and implementation

Knowledge development and implementation


Worldwide Expertise for Food & Flowers


The core of Delphy: Knowledge development and knowledge implementation.  


Knowledge development

The core of Delphy is the development of  knowledge about the cultivation of crops and  the optimization of the cultivation conditions. By knowledge development in our own practice locations we can provide your company with the latest knowledge and insights. On our initiative we develop guiding know-how on crops, mechanisation, automation, ICT-applications and monitoring crops from a distance.


Knowledge Implementation

Delphy implements knowledge in all areas of cultivation:

·        Delphy advises growers, farmers and breeders

·        Delphy implements cultivation concepts

·        Delphy provides (customized) trainings

·        Delphy develops turnkey projects and executes them

·        Delphy takes responsibility for operational management

Company profile

Delphy stands for Worldwide Expertise for Food & Flowers. Through this, Delphy is the company in knowledge and expertise for our partners in plant sectors, worldwide. The knowledge experts of Delphy contribute to the success of our partners thus creating their own success.

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Ambition: Worldwide Expertise for Food & Flowers

  • Because we want to contribute to health, food safety, sustainability and well-being for people on Earth.
  • Delphy is optimizing the worldwide production for food & flowers through the development and implementation of knowledge and expertise.
  • The experts at Delphy share their knowledge and expertise with our partners to achieve their objectives and improve results.