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Mr. Jasper Zuidgeest
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Dynaplant is a modern pot plant nursery located in De Lier, close to FloraHolland, the major auction in the Western part of the Netherlands. Our greenhouse covers 45.000 square meters, where we cultivate Calla's (Zantedeschia) and Clivia miniata in an eco-friendly way. For bort of our products, we're a major player on the European market. In addition to growing pot plants we ditribute a high quality selection of Tropical green plants cultivated in France, amongst others Cycas revoluta.


As a committed and open company we want to keep on improving our preformance. Within the pot plant market, we mainly focus on the market segment guaranteeing an above average quality. For example, full-service supermarkets and wholesalers distributing to garden centers and florists. Due to our close contacts with plant breeders we are able to find the very best varieties in both quality and continuity. We deliver our products across Europe trough our exporters. We aim to connect with the suppliers, to not only successfully get the products to the shop but also to the consumer. That's why we continuously develop new concepts.

Environment and sustainability

Our modern cultivation facilities make us able to grow in a sustainable way, with respect for both mankind and it's natural enviroment. Dynaplant is equipped with a completely closed water management system. The greenhouse is heated with waste heat generated from our cogeneration system. Likewise, the CO₂ being used by Dynaplant is a waste product from a refinery in Rotterdam. We cultivate our products in accordance with the requirements for MPS-A, MPS-GAP and MPS-SQ certification. Also, we have been awarded with a FFP-label (Fair Flowers Fair Plants), including excellent social employment practices.