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Easylawn is dedicated to providing the best artificial turf for domestic use, playgrouds, puttinggreens and on balconies. After more than 7 years of focused development, Easylawn products have served clients from multiple regions with varying needs, including, retailchains, gardeners, government bodies, schools, and countless households around Europe.
Easylawn has an ongoing commitment to quality. Based on a 7 years coorporation with Tigerturf (TenCate), and Lano, Easylawn products meet the highest standards. The very best quality of raw material with strong UV stability, make sure Easylawn grass keeps fresh & green over years. In addition, to avoid health threats during contact, the products do not contain lead, nore heavy metals or any other harmful chemicals according to the highest safety standards, such as DIN, REACH, RoHS.
Easylawn distinguishes itself from colleagues by making it possible to purchase per coupon.
Retailers, gardeners and wholesalers can also go to EasyLawn for the additional products. (glue, adhesive tape, pins, shock pads) And Easylawn generates leads for its customers. Easylawn does not do direct sales to end customers. Every year hundreds of requests from end users are stucturally forwarded to the business customers of Easylawn.

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