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Ms. Harriet Grundmann
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Golden "Nö"-Cup

Golden "Nö"-Cup

The porcelain cup with the imprint "Nö" (which can be translated as "Nope") in real gold is limited to 5,999 pieces.
On the back of the mug there is - like the black and white models - a good spirit that watches over the personal no-time of the owner.

Each gold cup comes with a matching gift bag.

The fine porcelain mugs are made in Germany.

Product range

Postcards, mugs and beautiful gift ideas


On occasions such as birthdays, weddings, Easter, Christmas, romantic greetings for example Valentine's Day are sent or handed over. In addition, there is a whole series of cheerful, cheerful, cordial and funny motifs and texts.

We also offer a complete package with a complete shop stand (60 motifs) or a counter stand (30 motifs). For both we deliver a good spirit essay, which captures the interest of the customers effectively.


Porcelain mug

In addition to postcards, the "statement cups" of the edition (porcelain cups Made in Germany) with their concise messages and unique characters are very successful. We started our cup production in 2016 with a well-groomed Nö®. We now have a total of twelve different black and white cups on offer. So with "Doch" we continue the conversation that began with Nö. And after the interested question "And?" we let a reassuring "run" follow. Our cups thus provide short and concise templates for conversations at breakfast and conference tables.

The golden "Nö" mug is completely new in the programme. And because it is well suited to please others, it comes with a paper gift bag.



Our magnet has also proven to be a popular gift item. At 9 x 7.5 cm, it is much larger than many conventional magnets - so they also function as a small image in themselves. Currently 25 motifs are available - with display on request.

Practical on our magnets: They are made of plastic and therefore flexible.


Art Prints

Framed and unframed art prints of the eDITION GUTE GEISTER in different sizes.

Company profile

The eDITION GUTE GEISTER® is an artistic series by the successful Hamburg author Harriet Grundmann. With her pictorial worlds, which consist of fabulous, reducedly drawn animals, the artist illustrates how often seriousness and silliness are close to each other. In a superficially simple way, the good spirits emphasize how complex social interaction - not only between these bizarre animals, but also among (sometimes just as bizarrely acting) people - often is. The special thing is: The interpretation of the sensitivities and stories of the good spirit pictures lies solely with the viewer. In short: hare, fox and Co. are mirrors of the own relationship world.