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Controlled release fertilizer for container nursery stock

Controlled release fertilizer for container nursery stock

This 100 per cent coated compound formula with a full package of trace elements is an ideal universal fertiliser for pot plants and container nursery stock. The added Magnesium promotes photosynthetic activity and chlorophyll formation while the additional trace elements contribute to optimum root development, uniform plant growth and stimulates plant's natural resistance to stress factors and diseases.

Ekote’s reliable polymer coating is safe for the roots and ensures uninterrupted nutrient release for the period of up to 16 months. This product is RHP certified.

Company profile

Ekompany International B.V. is a Dutch-based manufacturer of controlled release mineral fertilisers (CRF) for the professional horticultural and agricultural markets as well as for turf-maintenance and landscaping. Ekompany has developed a patented and innovative coating process which makes our Ekote fertilisers more efficient, economical and sustainable to produce and use compared to others available. Ekompany factory is based in Born, the Netherlands and has the largest production capacity for coated mineral fertilisers in Western Europe.

Ekompany is part of Kingenta Ecological Engineering Group Co. ltd., a leading Chinese hi-tech enterprise dedicated to the development and supply of fertilisers and environmental services. Kingenta employs more than 10,000 employees and has an annual production capacity of 6 milion metric ton fertiliser, out of which 1.8 milion slow release and controlled release fertilisers. Kingenta is listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in China.