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VYNE inter-canopy lighting

VYNE inter-canopy lighting

Fluence by Osram is introducing the new VYNE inter-canopy lighting (ICL) .

The VYNE modules will be available in 2,5 metre and 2 metre versions, and feature not only the traditional high red / low blue spectrum, but also Fluence’s popular R6 broad white spectrum. Efficacies range from 3,0 µmol/J for the broad R6, to 3,3 µmol/J for the R9B spectrum, with ppf of 120 µmol s-1 per meter bar length.

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Horticulture Multi-layer Lighting - SPYDR Series

Horticulture Multi-layer  Lighting - SPYDR Series

A bright and flexible rack lighting solution that maximizes the grow space for higher crop yields and better quality

Whether growing cannabis, food or ornamental plants, the Fluence SPYDR Series was designed for single or multi-tier growers who want to optimize their grow space for the maximum crop yield while producing the highest quality crops.

In 3 sizes and with 10+ rack mounting options, the SPYDR Series can illuminate all types of vertical racks and grow tables with precise and uniform light on the plant canopy. The two PPF output levels and built-in dimmability enable the exact and dynamic PPFD control over each of the plant growing stages. The SPYDR Series is the indoor lighting solution for all growers looking for an edge in efficiency, quantity, and quality.

SPYDR 2 series is ideal for high PPFD cultivation with single or multi-tier racking – from veg to bloom. The series has an average PPFD up to 1,060 µmol/m2/s over a 122×122 cm canopy.

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NEW!RAZR Modular System for Vertical Farming

NEW!RAZR Modular System for Vertical Farming

Pioneered the LED solutions for vertical farming with RAZR series, Fluence has developed a new generation product, RAZR Modular System, that is more versatile than ever in meeting various lighting needs for today’s sophisticated vertical farming.

Customizable - The new RAZR Modular System features customizable light bar spacing, allowing to deliver light uniformity with minimum number of light bars for both low- and high-density shelving. Combining that with customizable bar wattage (or PPF per bar), this RAZR Modular System can reduce the light bar quantity for a wide range of crop DLIs, across growth stages from tissue culture, propagation to vegetative. The versatility will help growers to drastically reduce their capital investment.

Replaceable and Flexible Mounting - With a large selection of mounting accessories and plug & play cables the new RAZR Modular System is highly configurable, and easily installed in vertical racks, Danish trolleys, mobile carts, or growth chambers. Each light bar is replaceable, which will help reduce maintenance cost during farm operations.

High Efficacy in Broad White - Fluence’s years of experience with vertical farm growers has proven our BROAD R3M spectrum (formerly known as PhysioSpec™ ) is the best spectral choice for propagation and vertical cultivation of a multitude of leafy greens, microgreens, herbs and other vegetables. The new RAZR Modular System continues to offer this popular spectrum, and has a market leading efficacy of 2.6 µmol/J on a standard 25-watt bar. This provides 18% more energy saving than the previous RAZR Series.

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Horticulture Greenhouse Lighting - VYPR Series

Horticulture Greenhouse Lighting - VYPR Series

Control the seasons year-round with VYPR top light series. Featuring Six PhysioSpec™ spectra from broad white to high red, the VYPR top light series offers growers with the choice of spectrum, helping maximize crop growth in greenhouse and indoor settings while balancing with energy efficiency and human work environment. Expect high quality, reliable crop yields and sustainable control over your result.

Built upon patented thermal management technologies, the latest VYPR top lights feature market-leading efficacies and high light output per fixture. Thus, helping reduce the fixture count and system cost per lit area to accelerate the adoption of LED horticulture lighting.

With more compact power supplies, beam widening reflectors and new mounting options, the latest VYPR empowers growers to achieve their growing targets all year round

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Innovator Spotlight - Solbergs Gartneri - Vettre (Norway)

Innovator Spotlight - Solbergs Gartneri - Vettre (Norway)

Maximizing Cucumber Production Year-Round to Meet Consumer Demand in Norway

Norway is located in Northern Europe. This means that natural sunlight is limited to just a few hours during the winter months. Without a supplemental lighting strategy, commercial growing in this region would be impossible. While cucumber production thrives in the summer, Norwegian markets face a shortage during winter months due to a limited local supply. The lack of natural light hinders many retailers’ ability to source locally and, in the end, leads to more imported crops.

Solbergs Gartneri is on a mission to grow more produce and maximize energy efficiencies. By collaborating with the cucumber specialist from Fluence’s horticulture service team, together we designed a lighting plan that addressed and resolved their current challenges with high-pressure sodium lamps (HPS). While the radiant heat that is emitted from HPS lamps limits how much light you can supplement and how close a fixture can be from the plants, LEDs are able to decouple the heat and light in the process. In other words, LED solutions not only allow for greater flexibility when establishing mounting height in low ceilings, but they also enable growers to increase light levels without damaging or burning the plants.

Interested to find out more? Then download our case study. 

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Fluence Bioengineering, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of OSRAM, creates powerful and energy-efficient LED lighting solutions for commercial crop production and research applications. Fluence is a leading LED lighting supplier in the global cannabis market and is committed to enabling more efficient crop production with the world’s top vertical farms and greenhouse produce growers. Fluence global headquarters are based in Austin, Texas, with its EMEA headquarters in Rotterdam, Netherlands. For more information about Fluence, visit