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Forever&Ever are grown by strictly selected and sustainable top hydrangea growers, all of which are very aware of the unique features of Forever&Ever. This is reflected in the growing methods and the way in which they care for the plants. Professionals give the plants time to mature properly, which results in naturally strong plants without the tell-tale signs of ‘forced’ growth, or vulnerability to disease.

Forever&Ever came to the continent through the Netherlands, Germany and France and is now rapidly conquering the rest of Europe. The specific qualities of Forever&Ever and the sustainable way they are cultivated is appealing to more and more retailers and consumers. Demand for Forever&Ever increases daily, and we are now commercially active in Sweden, Poland, Russia and the Czech Republic.

Forever&Ever hydrangeas are cultivated at the Jonkers Brothers Nursery in Elshout, the Netherlands, one of the most sustainable in the Netherlands. This nursery has a growing area of some seven hectares. Of these, four hectares are greenhouses and three container fields.

The Jonkers nursery has been growing Forever&Ever for years, and pursues top quality in all facets. The nursery has an MPS GAP certificate, an MPS Socially Qualified certificate and a Greenlabel B certificate. These certificates indicate how sustainable the nursery is. For further information on these certificates and what they require, please visit the MPS or Greenlabel website.

But this nursery goes the extra mile – they have innovatively reduced the use of chemicals by 50%. After four years of research, a biobased solution appears to work exceptionally well. The aim is to reduce pesticide use to 0. They also only use 100% rainwater. Thanks to a sophisticated technical system, they never supply too much or too little water. The use of peat is being critically reviewed. The first trials are under way into using peat-free compost. Some 30% of the peat has already been replaced in a number of the current cultivation processes with sustainable alternatives.

In the spring of 2014, Greenpeace caught the headlines with its study into pesticide residues on garden plants. People across the planet signed the Facebook petition. But let’s be clear about this, responsible production is a hot item, with attention especially focused on the horticulture sector. The time for talking is over. It’s time to put our money where our mouth is and actually go greener.

We at Forever&Ever agree one hundred percent! And we’re doing our utmost to become a leader in the sector and ensure that Forever&Ever is grown as sustainably as possible.

But Forever&Ever does even more!
Where possible we are trying to reduce the use of chemical agents and convert to eco-friendly alternatives, making as much use as we can of rainwater to irrigate the plants.

Forever&Ever is continually looking at new and better ways to ensure sustainable production. These developments have not gone unnoticed. In July 2014, the German press visited Jonkers in the Netherlands to see with their own eyes what sustainability and greening look like in practice.

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