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Fresh-o-Fair Product Range

Fresh-o-Fair Product Range

Discover the range of colors that the best farms in South America have in Fresh-o-Fair for you.


The carnation is a flower that dates back to the time of the Greeks and Romans. It is a flower intimately linked to love and the most sincere feelings. The carnations are an exceptionally resistant flower, have a bristly flowering which makes them one of the most versatile fresh flowers on the market.


Gypsophila is a filling flower, subtle, elegant, with strong stems and a faint smell. You can use it to highlight your favorite floral arrangements or it can be worn alone. Gypsophila is the ideal complement to create unique moments.


Tropical flowers are warm and cheerful. Its vivid colors make it attractive for any floral composition.

Summer flowers

Colorful, delicate and beautiful. The summer flowers are the ideal complement for your floral creations you can combine them with roses, carnations, gypsophila and tropical flowers.


Roses have been used throughout history as a symbol of love and beauty.


Company profile

Our service:

Fresh-o-Fair serves as a channel for the direct and sustainable trade of fresh cut flowers directly from the South American farms to Europe. We believe in fairness and transparency towards both the farmer and customer. The peer-to-peer channel enables the farmers to earn fairly more for their products, the customer on the other side is able to choose from who and which varieties are bought. Because of the direct delivery, resource efficiency is maximized and the client gets fresh cut flowers.

The system aims to provide a space within the online platform for Latin American producers to offer their products to the world. The customer has the facility to conveniently view the products on the computer and can shop online. This is where our work begins: the commercial management and coordination of logistics to send South American flowers to our end customers, be they wholesalers, florists or private customers.

The job of the flower farm ends when the flower boxes are handed in at the airport. Here Fresh-o-Fair takes care of the labeling and the coordination of the shipment. The flower boxes fly from Ecuador to Germany, where they are cleared by us, and DHL Express takes care of shipping and delivering to the customer, minimizing maximum delivery times.

Of course, we also coordinate the corresponding payment transactions.

How was the idea born?

When you grow up in Ecuador, it is normal to see and buy flowers of excellent quality and great variety. In Europe this is not so easy, at least we didn't see the variety and quality that we thought was standard until then.

When Fernando started the import business in Germany, we recognized some weaknesses and the opportunity to turn them into strengths was born.

This is why we have decided to develop an Artificial Intelligence system that acts as an intermediary between the flower farm and the customer. Our service consists in connecting them both and taking care of their marketing and logistics, managing all the formalities of customs clearance and delivering to the front door. As a result, the florist has access to many flower farms as a supplier.

Thanks to our long-standing business relationship with flower growers and our experience in Europe with customers, we can achieve this and ultimately provide Europe with the quality and freshness of a wide range of Latin American cut flower varieties.

Our name originated from the word Fresh Flowers: Fresh. Online: o. Trade fair, market, but also fair: fair. The result: Fresh cut flowers online trade through fairness commerce, simply put

Why Fresh-o-Fair?

So far, the flower business is not a digital business, but the global trend is that this will change. Through our system, it will be possible to obtain fresh flowers, which will be shipped directly from the flower farm and arrive in original packaging that complies with environmental guidelines.

This also means, of course, that the flowers purchased through our Fresh-o-Fair system are freshly cut and that the flower farms have selected the best flowers for our customers. We want to change the market, make it more sustainable and fair!

Thanks to the platform, you can decide which flower farm you buy from and you know exactly where the flowers come from. It is always important to get more information and to be able to decide which supplier you want to buy from. Each farm is unique, from the geographical location to the flower varieties produced. All these individual factors make us and the Ecuadorian Farmers proud to produce the greatest variety and quality of flowers available on the world market.

So be prepared to get fresh and sustainable flowers from Latin American flower farms.