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Long Life Cut Flower Food

Long Life Cut Flower Food


Maximize the potential of your flowers with Long Life: Long Life Cut Flower Food has been proven to keep flowers fresh for longer.

Developed in Israel decades ago and widly used by Israeli growers as well as by the leading global flower growers in the main flower exporting countries (Colombia, Equador, Kenya and more) - Long life cut flower food provides all the necessary ingridients for your flowers to maintain its quality and bloom for longer. 

Available in scahets to be attached to a flower bouquet as well as in buckets and liquid formulation for use by wholesalers, retailers, florists and consumers at home.

Gadot Agro is a leading Israeli Agro Tech company, providing since 1950 full agro solutions to growers and customers around the world. The proprietary line of Post-Harvest Solutions for cut flowers consists of the T.O.G family of products enabling growers to keep their flowers fresh and beautifull during production achieving the highest output even under the toughest conditions all along the fluricultural chain. LONG LIFE brand of products ensures flowers remain fresh and long lasting as they reach their final destination for the utmost consumer satisfaction.


Company profile

Long Life is a brand of products designed to enhance flower quality and prolong its vase life.

Long Life Cut Flower Food is used by wholesalers, bouquets makers, retailers, florists and at home and is suitable for all types of cut flowers.

Long Life comes in at the final stage of the floricultural chain, helping flowers bloom and last longer in order to maximize and prolong consumer enjoyment...

Over 40 years of leading Israeli flower growers to reach the highest standards in the industry, we - Gadot Agro - now offer to the rest of the world a complete line of post-harvest solutions and treatments FROM FARM TO VASE through T.O.G and Long Life Post Harvest lines of products.

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