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Bamboo canes

Bamboo canes

Bamboo canes are good for nursery supporting, the bamboo materials GBL is using are extremely strong, straight, flexible, durable. Ideal for supporting the plants like olive trees, apple trees, or vegetables and flowers in agriculture and horticulture. GBL also uses this type of very good materials for making bamboo fences, which are strong and look nice.

Company profile

Guangdong Bamboo Limited is a leading supplier in China for Bamboo Canes and Natural screens, We have  very strong supply abilities and reliable quality control managements, Every year we deliver 200 x 40’HQ containers to Europe and USA,

Our 4 main facilities are located in the famous bamboo growing area in the south of China, which is the most famous origin of high quality bamboo, this premium quality bamboo called TONKIN or TSINGLEE, We have lots of sunny days from July till February next year, and longer rainy season in Spring, very weather conditions for bamboo growing. We usually stock very huge volume of bamboo materials since September till April next year, which will enable us producing 30 containers per month in the peak season.


We experienced moldy issues in some years ago,that’s because of poor humidity control ability. We built up heat treatment facilities since 2015, which help us significantly to work very well in the control of humidity, especially in the Spring raining seasons, we dry the bamboo materials by hot steams for 8-10 hours, after checking the humidity of less than 15% to make sure all materials are dry enough and in stable quality.  We found that it is also very helpful in killing the insects or worms during the high temperature steaming, lower down the sugar content and broken the insect eggs inside the bamboo.