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Two HM.CLAUSE tomato varieties awarded the All America Selections (AAS)* "Regional" prize for BUFFALOSUN and CROKINI

Two HM.CLAUSE tomato varieties awarded the All America Selections (AAS)* "Regional" prize for BUFFALOSUN and CROKINI

 Two HM.CLAUSE tomato varieties awarded the All America Selections (AAS)* "Regional" prize for BUFFALOSUN and CROKINI

The taste of both BUFFALOSUN and CROKINI was highly appreciated. A second benefit is their hardiness and natural ability to resist one of the most frequent tomato diseases in the garden, late blight (Phytophthora infestans) which attacks most tomato varieties in our gardens in mid-summer.

These two novel varieties will inevitably seduce a wide audience of experienced or novice gardeners wishing to grow their tomato plants naturally while avoiding the risk of attack by late blight, especially since legislation in several countries now prohibits or reduces the use of any chemical treatments.


Resistance to this disease is particularly rare for small-fruit varieties: this is why CROKINI should once again appeal to a large number of gardeners this year, allowing them to consider their tomato production with greater composure.


The AAS prize, awarded after observations in numerous trial grounds, recognizes the best varieties that meet precise criteria such as taste, appearance (original colors and shapes), productivity, disease resistance and the global performances of the variety.

This international distinction clearly demonstrates the high quality of these two new varieties launched by HM.CLAUSE to satisfy the specific needs of gardeners.

*AAS: Independent American non-profit organization awarding prizes for the best garden varieties.


----- CROKINI -----

Cherry on top - in addition to being delicious, sweet, and productive, CROKINI is resistant (IR*) to late blight!

We continue to be amazed! Noted for the quality of its plant and unique taste, this variety PREMIUM has now revealed one of its secrets: its resistance to tomato late blight (IR*: Pi, Phytophthora infestans), one of the most devastating garden diseases. This disease is caused by a fungus that appears first on the stem and leaves, before contaminating the entire fruit. Mildew spreads particularly well in warm and humid climates and attacks most tomato varieties during the summer.


CROKINI: a success since its launch

CROKINI has enjoyed enormous success since its distribution on the vegetable young plant market. This small, round, cherry tomato has distinguished itself from the competition with qualities greatly appreciated by consumers:

• Deliciously sweet, + 8.5° of brix (sugar)• A suitable size, 16 to 20 grams
• Round plump fruits
• Productive, up to 317 fruits per plant
• Fruits that do not burst and remain on the plant
• A vigorous plant, specially adapted to the garden *IR: Intermediate resistance


IR: Intermediate Resistance*

Dowload the technical sheet: CROKINI: http://www.clausehomegarden.com/espece/tomato/cherrycocktail/crokini-f1


----- BUFFALOSUN -----

  • Beef type tomato, up to 750g in weight
    Resistant to many diseases, especially to Late Blight, WAOO!
    Early in its category
    High yield and less cracking
    Unique yellow with red/ orange flame coloration on the outside and results in a nicely marbled interior
    Meaty flesh with few seeds
    Good tasting, sweet, tender flesh gives the look of an heirloom without the mushiness

Dowload technical sheet: http://www.clausehomegarden.com/node/1321?language=en

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HM.CLAUSE breeds, produces and sells innovative vegetable seeds for professionals and the home garden market. A French company, it has been a major player in varietal breeding for the vegetable garden for more than two centuries. CLAUSE Home Garden is exclusively dedicated to promoting varieties for home gardeners: sales of vegetable seeds and flowers to packet seed producers and sales of vegetable seeds to professional young plant producers for gardeners.

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