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Greenhouses, renovation and greenhouse materials

Greenhouses, renovation and greenhouse materials


We are specialized in the constructing of new and used Venlo greenhouses. Based on more than 30 years of experience we build new and used greenhouse all over Europe.


Renovating existing horticultural greenhouses is a growing marked in the growers community. In some cases energy saving plays a major role, but creating an optimal climate for the cultivation is also an important reason. We know exactly which materials we need to apply and how to integrate them into the existing greenhouse and/or greenhouse installations. An attractive alternative.

Greenhouse materials

We always have a good supply of used greenhouse and greenhouse technology components in stock. New projects come our way on a regular basis, so we know precisely what we are able to offer at short notice. We supply a complete range of horticultural materials, new or used.


Company profile


Hogervorst Tabben has been specialized in greenhouse construction, renovation and supply of greenhouse installations and greenhouse materials, for more than for 30 years.