Hejlskovvej 50
DK 7840 Højslev
Mr. Erik Andersen

Company profile

Højgaard Planteskole/Nursery is placed right in the heart of Denmark - close to water which is giving a mild clima. We have a production of:

* Forrestplants
* Conifers
* Roses
* Fruittrees
* Stocks
* Christmastrees

In nearly 40 years we have produced plants and today we a 100 ha with a production of nearly 15 mill. plants. Our production is based on a lot of help from new and modern mashines, and in our new and modern coolstore, we can take care of the plants untill early summertime.

To be sure of the right numbers of plants - and proviniens - we are ready to make contract of production of plants.

If you want to visit our nursery, please tell us, we surely want to show you around.
You can also visit our website www.hoejgaardplant.dk



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