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HopfenHoehle LIFT - on lawn, opened
Photographer: W. Schierenberg
HopfenHoehle LIFT - in rock garden, extended
Photographer: W. Schierenberg
HopfenHoehle LIFT - on lawn, extended
Photographer: W. Schierenberg
HopfenHoehle® LIFT with packaging box
Photographer: W. Schierenberg
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HopfenHöhle LIFT Beer Cooler - The Original

HopfenHöhle LIFT Beer Cooler - The Original

With your HopfenHöhle LIFT Beer Cooler your chilled beer will ascend to you - automatically and smooth - by our new hydraulic system. All you have to do is: unlatch the bottle-holder and two-thirds of your chilled beer will rise up from the ground . IT'S MAGIC!

In your HopfenHöhle LIFT Beer Cooler you can store your beer in a chilly and dark place - just how it is recommended by well-known beer craftsmen.

Imagine your next garden party and how your chilled beer magically ascends from the ground: HopfenHöhle LIFT will be the talking point of your party!

Whenever you get thirsty, don't make the beer run, just open the lid, LIFT your chilled beer up - and CHEERS!

HopfenHöhle LIFT Special Features: 

  • Climate-neutral: Keep you beer chilled without having to use any electricity. 
  • Technical features: Hight-tech lid: Thermally insulated, UV-resistant, with pressure relief valve and ventilation. Thick-walled cladding tube, impact- and weather-resistant. The watertight bottom keeps out any humidity or vermin. Including semi-automatic system: The hydraulic damper  LIFTS up your beer.
  • Made in Germany: Professional construction, bottle-holder with handy click-in system for 15 bottles and a secure grip. Plastic framework with handle for an easy pull out, incl. bottle-opener. 
  • One for all: Almost all bottles with crown-caps fit into the bottle-holder, but also PET bottles, small wine bottles a.s.o. Just give it a try...

Ø200mm cladding tube, bottle-holder with handle and bottle-opener, watertight and UV-resistant lid. 
Delivery without bottles. Comes in original HopfenHöhle Beer Cooler parcel.

 EAN Code: 0641243370460  

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HopfenHöhle Beer Cooler - The Original

HopfenHöhle Beer Cooler is an outdoor hidden beer fridge that simply works by good old soil-cooling system. This is possible due to lower temperatures in the ground which chill your beer to drinking temperature. Best of all: It works without any electricity! All you have to do is: Dig a hole of about 95cm (or just take it easy using an auger drill), insert the cladding tube and fill-in your favourite kind of beer. 15 bottles fit into the solid bottle-holder no matter which kind of beer - or lemonade – you prefer, as long as it comes with crown caps. The tube exists of a weather-resistant bottom and lid, so neither water nor vermin find their way into your HopfenHöhle Beer Cooler. Depending on soil and season your beer cools to 8-10°C, just make sure to find a shady spot for your HopfenHöhle Beer Cooler.