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Products and new innovations

New products, for the first time broadly presented

New products, for the first time broadly presented

i3-Max planting tower: 

The brand new planting tower of i3-garden according to the i3 "Plug & Crop"–principle with 56 + planting positions.
- Tool-free assembly, already prepared for the automatic 2-zone irrigation.
- Form = Octagon, this results in:

  • maximum stability of the corpus with minimum material usage = (approximation to the ideal shape of the cylinder), materials used are "food-safe", BPA-and HBCD-free
  • eight smooth mounting surfaces for simple evaporative-inhibiting attaching the i3-Docks (planters), CNC-processed, the outbreaks are re-writeable planting labels

1. i3-Max_56:
The stand-alone vertical garden with 56+ planting positions, ideal for large balconies and/or terraces or even in the outdoor area = all around planting. Mounted on the base plate with four wheels the i3-Max is mobile, with 0,15m² space requirement, approximately 55 kilogram weight (filled, irrigated, grown), approximately 70 litre substrate the i3-Max_56 is a “master of savings” in terms of resource requirements.

2. i3-Max_56-VX:
"What to do when the bed is full? Up to the vertical!"
As a vertical extension (vertical garden with 56 + planting positions) for flat- and/or raised beds, a successful symbiosis of vertical garden and flat garden/raised bed. Cut a few holes in the substrate sack and the connection to the underlying soil and the micro-organisms is established. 

Product developments (=in planning / already in testing)

1. i3-Benjamin Greenhouse & i3-root heating:
Eight millimetre double-bar plates with the thermostat-controlled low-energy i3-root heating - the i3-garden year consists of full twelve months of fresh vegetables, herbs and salads, the i3-Benjamin stays mobile on his four wheels.

2. i3-Max_8:
Our vertical mini-/table-garden with 8+ planting positions, ideal for herbs and smaller plants, with approximately twelve litre substrate it’s quick and easy to transport (BBQ). 

Product range

i3-garden systems - "gardening re-thought"- old knowledge in combination with modern technology, natural, sustainable and can be used anywhere.

i3-garden systems - "gardening re-thought"- old knowledge in combination with modern technology, natural, sustainable and can be used anywhere.

Gardening on eye level, weeding and stooping is a thing of the past.

i3-Benjamin Starter-Kit -  a whole garden at 0,11m² base area
The ideal entry into the vertical i3-garden system, also suitable for wall mounting with 2 angles.
A whole garden on 0, 11m ² space.
With the i3 accessory program , the Starter-Kit can be easily retrofitted to the Pro-Kit (indoor) at any time.

i3-Benjamin Pro-Kit - a whole garden on 0,25m² base area and the balcony/terrace is tidy!
Mobile and with 10 ° inclination -the 10° tilt to the rear ensures an optimized full-surface solar radiation, with the 4 wheels, the Pro-Kit is mobile (on a hard and smooth surface), due to the torsional resistance there is no rolling off.

i3-Benjamin Pro-Kit indoor mobile and with 10° inclination, with the water level control suitable for outdoor and indoor. If you have applied too much water, then the "excess water" lands in the base and not on the floor - can be easily detected through the sight glass and can be easily drained.

All materials used are "food-safe", BPA-and HBCD-free, ultra-light and highly isolating. The system is produced entirely in the EU (AT, DE).

Weight filled, irrigated and overgrown: max. 50kg.
Required substrate Quantity: 60-65 litres, depending on the composition.

All models are already prepared for the subsequent tool-free assembly of the automatic irrigation.

i3-Benjamin-automatic irrigation based on the "tension principle"  for the main and flat garden. Here the plants determine when they need as much water and not the timer. Water supply via the integrated tank, external tank or directly from the water supply with pressure regulator .

Due to the minimalised evaporation of the system and the demand-oriented water supply, a water saving of up to 70% is obtained.

The i3-Docks are a main component of the i3-garden system -the plant roots are led into the substrate sack, the plant is guided from the vertical into the horizontal.

i3-Benjamin's Thermo Cover for the cold season.
Lay the Thermo Cover over, close the quick fastener, put the zip up, so that Benjamin and its plants are protected from wind, cold and snow, as well as intense sunlight. Done in a minute! And because it's a cover, the i3-Benjamin can stay mobile on its wheels. Also suitable for use without the base (= i3 Benjamin Starter Kit).

As an ideal complement, the i3-Rank Bow can be used here as a "distance holder" to protect the plants even better = no direct connection between the Thermo Cover and the plants.

Company profile

We are a young innovative company focused on vertical/urban gardening from Tyrol (Austria), where the vertical (= mountains) and nature is at home!

We are looking for competent sales partners to build a worldwide distribution network.

Our vision:
Everyone should have the opportunity to harvest their own vegetables and salads in a natural way with minimal resources.

  • even without having a garden of their own 
  • even if there is not much space – 0,11m² – 0,25m²
  • even in a small apartment 
  • even on a balcony or terrace (max. 60kg)
  • natural with soil substrate (70Lt) without nutrient solutions and pumps
  • at minimal resource consumption (area, water, substrate, energy, time)
  • sustainable: use of pollutant-free materials with maximum life span, 100% recyclable
  • convenient: digging/entrenching, weeding, creeping/stooping positions belong to the past, "plant-water-crop"! Optimized for online parcel delivery

After 3 years of intensive development work, our vision has become 100% true, tested and fully functional - according to the motto: It grows everything!

The vertical garden system of i3-garden is a fully integrated system garden RTC (ready to crop) in modular design for use on balconies and terraces, indoor or outdoor, energy-free, natural with earth substrate, tool-free...

We are a team of garden fans, idealists, visionaries and inventors. Together with many volunteers and helpers, who stood by with ideas and advice in the development of our vertical garden system, we worked on this completely new, innovative garden system, which is ideal for every living situation and for every household adaptable.

We developed the first functional model in the context of the "Adventure X-Founder Competition", the feedback from the jury and testers were so positive and promising that we have registered this ingenious system for patent, for the professional implementation we have started i3-product GmbH.

What we think:
"We want to deal responsibly with resources and energy" – that's why we place great emphasis in the design and the selection of materials on "food-safe" according to "EU Directive 1935/200 4/EC", long shelf life and simplicity . All materials are recyclable to 100%. 

"Where we want to sell, we also have to give something back" – the i3 garden system is produced with the greatest care to 100% in the EU.

What does i3 stand for?

i = intelligent, innovative, pointing up

3 = 3rd Dimension = Height
3 = is the logical 3rd development stage in Horticulture

  • 1 = flat beet
  • 2 = hill bed/raised ded
  • 3 = i3-Vertical Garden system 

product benefits:
- sustainable saving of resources 

  • water saving up to 70% due to massive reduction of evaporation (reduced surfaces)
  • minimum substrate requirement (garden soil)
  • minimum space requirements due to the vertical principle with minimised base area

 - positioning in the immediate vicinity of the needs =kitchen for salads, herbs, vegetables
- for many city dwellers in cramped conditions, the i3-garden allows for the first time the
  comfortable, controlled qualitative self-production of real organic food at the lowest cost
- planting and cropping for everyone and almost everywhere
- simplest installation
: thanks to "smart engineering" it is tool-free

With us, the user/customer is in the focus with his needs.
So we develop at the same time in several directions - for the garden pro, who mixes his soil substrate himself and pours each plant individually up to the comfortable layman, who with the "Plug & Crop" principle simply wants to harvest his fresh food with "clean fingers", without much time and effort. Customers who are eager to experiment are successfully working with substrate layers (e.g. herbal soil and tomato soil separated by a fleece liner).

We do not want to sell or impose on our customers anything that they do not need and want, so we design our systems from the ground up modular, i.e. with the i3-accessory program everything can be retrofitted to the needs at any time (e.g. automatic irrigation, protection against cold, electric worm protection, etc.). 

More information about us, our products, FAQs and shop can be found on our homepage , in our shop  or on our Facebook page .

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