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NL 7681 KD Vroomshoop
Mr. Henk Auderhaar

Company profile

IPP Holland is, together with her sister company IPP Poland one of the leading manufacturers of products for professional growers. In 2015 products and production of AKG Hortiproducts were taken over, further extending the product program with renown products which were and are in great demand. The firm exists since 1991 but its knowledge about production and products goes back far longer.

The use of modern manufacture technologies and design enables production of goods to the highest standards, which find their way on the European and world markets.

The products of IPP are a full choice of flowerpots and containers for gardening and plant nurseries, with volumes ranging from 0.08 to 65 litres. The very comprehensive program now contains more than 160 types of containers. Depending on model and dimensions, they are used in the professional growing of flowers and plant, ornamental and fruit-growing trees as well as vegetables and fruits. IPP produces pots adjusted to various technologies of plant cultivation, including fully mechanized, both under glass and/or poly tunnels as well as open field cultures. In the products on offer you also find decorative hanging pots and bowls. For marketing purposes containers can be printed in-house, in one or multiple colours, according to ordered design. To complete its own production ranges, IPP offers high volume nursery plant containers up to 1,000 litres.

IPP also produces a whole range of transport trays for square and round flower pots as well as plastic crates for the transport and storage of fruits, vegetables and food.

All products offered by IPP are manufactured from recycled materials which can be recycled again.