Koppelstraat 21
NL 7391 AK Twello
Mr. Jos Bosgoed

Company profile

IQbana produce flowerpots and planters for outdoor and Indoor. The flowerpots/ planters of IQbana are made from Expanded PolyPropylene (EPP) and are very strong, shockproof, frost resistant and superlight. EPP has a highly insulating value/ capacities and protects root systems against frost and heat. EPP has several skills, because of the "breathable material" the plant wont suffocate in the pot and "the climate" in the pot stays good in summer, and protect the root system in the winter.  IQbana is a friend for plant and people.

Serveral characteristics of IQbana products are: 

Very light material
• Very strong material
• Enviroment friendly 
• Frost-resistant (max-40º C)
• Heat-resistant
• Made form high quality EPP (Expanded PolyPropylene)
• Very useable on, and suitable for roof terrace
• Scratch free for flooring
• Food approved
• Non-toxic material, suitable for children
• UV-resistant material
• Easy to clean
• Available in several measurements and types

IQbana also produces other products from EPP, like Cubes, Slide box, Winerack  or Coolcase etc. 

IQbana designs products where your have been waiting for, perhaps even without knowing it. And IQbana products spikes your imagination.

“IQbana products are a friend for plant and people”

So the question is where does your IQbana come?


*(The products of IQbana are produced in Holland, the IQbana company is also a Dutch company. www.iqbana.com )