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Wonder soil

Wonder soil

Pressed nutrient soil made from natural ingredients: It is enough to add water to the briquette and the soil briquette volume will increase by five times, and the nutrient soil is ready for planting.

The finished soil has a loose structure with excellent drainage properties and provides an excellent balance of humidity and air, which makes it an ideal environment for plant growth.

Company profile

Since 1999 group of companies "BioMaster" produces natural peat substrates, potted soils and humic fertilizers for the professional and hobby markets.

The “BioMaster” Company has its own white peat deposit and extracts it. Unique white peat is a part of all substrates that are produced by the company.

Thanks to a modern production base and a scientific approach, the "BioMaster" Company is constantly expanding its range and offers crop producing gardeners a variety of products for growing plants.

All products pass quality control at all stages of production. Clients of the company receive only quality products for growing plants.

Group of Companies “BioMaster” is always open for cooperation.