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Product range

Potting machines

Potting machines

The right solution to pot and re-pot all kinds of potting plants and trees.

An extensive program of potting machines offers the right solutions for many applications which are suitable for the repotting of all potted plants and trees in round as well as square pots.

Javo BV delivers equipment tailored to specifications by means of optional modules. This way Javo BV can offer the potting machine which fits your wishes and needs.

Product range

Tray automation

A complete program for a wide variety of tray sizes.

Because of our many years of experience, Javo can offer a complete package, which is the perfect solution for many growers.

By combining individually designed modules, virtually any layout is possible. From a simple tray filler to a complete automated filling line. Because of close cooperation with tray and pot manufacturers, we can guarantee proper functioning.

The machines can be easily combined with each other to compromise a fully integrated line. This offers a complete automation of dispensing, filling, dibbling and watering of trays.

Product range

Substrate handling

Several solutions for the supply of substrate.

For the supply of soil and other substrate, we offer several systems with many choices and possibilities: a Javo substrate system will be the perfect solution. 

Using Javo machines and Javo control techniques, the system is simple to use. We guarantee an easy integration with other possible suppliers. 

Product range

Transport systems

The automated solution to move pots and trays.

Javo transport systems are composed from several standard products. The design layout and functions are made to customer specifications. Javo supplies and installs the entire system. Everything remains very flexible and can be combined with different systems.

Because of the 30-some machines, Javo has the ability to offer a customer oriented composition while using proven standard techniques. The layout completely depends on the customers' preferences.


Product range

Robot systems

Machines and modules that can add just that little extra to your automation to reach the ultimate production and lower your labor costs. 

By listening to our customers and cooperating with them, Javo has manufactured several custom built machines over the years. This has resulted in several machines, now built in series, which are successfully in use at several locations.

Using Javo machines and Javo control techniques, the system is simple to use. Javo guarantees a problem-free integration with possible other suppliers. Through the Horti Data Communication (HDC) covenant, of which JAVO is a part, standard protocols are used.

Javo is working hard on more and new developments so that in the future this category will be extended with many more technical ingenuities.

Company profile

Javo has been offering solutions for pot and tray handling to sophisticated nurseries for decades. We are working on the research, development and fabrication of potting machines, tray automation, soil handling, transport systems and robot systems.

In our modern factory we produce and innovate a quality product for our offices in Holland and North America. Together with a worldwide dealer network, Javo is operating in more than 60 countries.