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Worldpremiere: seedalive® - a simple, non-destructive, reliable and rapid method for determining and predicting seed viability

Worldpremiere: seedalive® - a simple, non-destructive, reliable and rapid method for determining and predicting seed viability

Monitoring the viability of seeds is of paramount importance to plant breeders, traders, farmers, researchers and seed bank managers.
The globally recognized standard method to test seed viability is the germination test. Representative samples are sown according to genus-specific standardized protocols and after a certain period of time the germinated plants are counted to determine the proportion of germinating seeds in the sample. This method is proven and has been used successfully for decades. However, this method is firstly destructive, for example the sample is subsequently "used up". Secondly, this test is relatively slow and requires a lot of space, material and personnel.

Other established methods are also time-consuming or resource-intensive, equally destructive, use toxic substances and/or are not reliable.
Researchers at the University of Osnabrück, Department of Botany, have now succeeded in developing a new, non-destructive, efficient and reproducible method for determining seed viability up to practical maturity.

Individual seeds are incubated in an indicator solution for four hours, after which it can be quickly and easily determined only by visual inspection whether the seed is still vital, aging or dead. Supplementary investigations can even predict the further aging process.
Detailed investigations with a number of genera showed very good correlation between the results of the new method and the classical germination test.
In cooperation with the consulting company JayVee Green Consult Dipl.-Biol. Jens Varnskühler, also from Osnabrück, the team is now working for the market launch of this new development. Already in the first quarter of 2020, after commercial protection of the method and foundation of a spin-off together with the participating researchers, Prof. Klaus Mummenhoff and Dr. Samik Bhattacharya, the new seed test is to be launched on the market.

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Process of digitizing the measured values of the COMBI5000 from STEP Systems with the COMBI5000 APP for iOS. Powered by g-pda.®
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COMBI5000 - g-pda.®STEPreadr APP

COMBI5000 - g-pda.®STEPreadr APP

COMBI5000 - an app that allows you to easily digitize your STEP-Systems COMBI5000 readings.

Simply take a photo of the reading, confirm (or re-record if obvious reflections, reflections, etc. make interpretation impossible), and g-pda.®STEPReadr reads the readings from the photo and automatically detects which probe it acted. Now you choose your culture and the table / the prayer / beat and g-pda.®STEPReadr will give you an interpretation of the respective measured value.

g-pda.®STEPReadr on the page of a measured value, you can click on "Display graph" to display all measured values ​​of a culture on a table over time in comparison to the STEP-Systems reference values.

All measured values ​​including the interpretation can be exported as a clear PDF document or as an Excel file. So you have all your measurements with GPS value and time stamp cleanly documented.

g-pda.®STEPReadr is multilingual - in the settings you can choose from currently. 7 languages ​​Choose your language. There you can also preset the main language, this is then automatically loaded the next time you start the APP.

Since the pH probe should be calibrated regularly, g-pda.®STEPReadr counts for you how many pH measurements have been made since the last calibration. After 20 measurements, g-pda.®STEPReadr reminds you to perform the calibration. And shows you step by step how to do it.

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COMBI 5000 - g-pda.®STEPreadr now available in the Apple App store!

COMBI 5000 - g-pda.®STEPreadr now available in the Apple App store!

The COMBI 5000 g-pda.®STEPreadr APP is now available in the App store.

Simply digitize all STEP-Systems COMBI 5000 measurements with your iPhone/iPad! Just take a photo of the measurement display and we use artificial intelligence to read out the measurement value. COMBI 5000 automatically recognizes what has just been measured. Whether pH value, activity (salinity in g/l) and moisture or the EC value of watering water or fertilizer solutions, a photo and everything is cleanly documented!

Test for yourself at our booth 7F33 JayVee Green Consult or at STEP-Systems 3E63.


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