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g-pda.® growers personal digital assistant

g-pda.® growers personal digital assistant

g-pda.® is a fully integrated, modular and extremely flexible ERP and CRM system especially for the special needs of horticulture. Developed and constantly developed by very experienced horticulturists, who know that "the green one must go up" when potting.

Fully integrated - because g-pda.® can manage and document all business processes of your individual company on request. From personnel management (with automated chord recording and billing, for example, requirements planning, holiday management, and more), material inventory management and ordering, production planning from order management, LEAD management, spray plans and legally compliant documentation, empties management, license billing, workload planning, cost accounting, cultural planning and Documentation, operating instructions, task management and monitoring and much more.

Modular - because g-pda.® is truly modular and truly modular, you can implement a step-by-step implementation of your individual IoP ​​according to your wishes: start with actual production (production staff, entrances and exits, district administration and direct costs), One year later the order management with production planning can be accepted without much extra effort.

And g-pda.® can grow with it: lease a new farm? No problem with g-pda.®. With one and the same database you either have a complete overview in the management, while the branch employees always only see the information that is important to them.

Flexible - because g-pda.® runs on a flexible platform, JazVee Green Consults Jens Varnskühler can offer a stand-alone single-site peer-to-peer network, a physical server for your larger operations, or a cloud-based enterprise solution Fully scalable with multiple locations and field staff. Always changeable with the same data model and with little effort.