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Mr. Wim Crum
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Our nursery is literally and figuratively nestled in the fertile soil of the Betuwe. Our company has been in existence for 25 years. J.W. Crum started in 1986 with fruit cultivation as a fruit tree grower. A few years later we added rootstocks, September-grafting and bench grafting. Five years later we switched to the cultivation of light avenue trees. Between 1995 and hence, the firm has developed into the sound nursery and distribution enterprise that it is now. Since 1 July 2014, son, Meindert Crum, and son in law Jan Dekker, are part of the enterprise. The firm comprises about 30 hectares of soil cultivation, of which ¾ hectares is containers and gutter fields with room for about 240,000 whips. The nursery and distribution enterprise offer the client as complete a package as is possible. Our logistics ensure the orders are delivered to the client or any desired location. J.W. Crum Nursery has a professional team, that works hard to meet your wishes as well as possible.