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Hessian cloth

Hessian cloth

The company manufactures a wide range of Hessian cloth of various ranges of width and specifications and offers these fabrics as plain cloth as well as laminated, bleached and dyed.

The cloth construction varies from100 gm/sq metre to 460 gm/sq metre from width ranging from 12 inches to 110 inches.

All materials are available in bolt packed in bales or in roll form (50 to 5000 metres) as requested by the user.

Product groups

Product range

Shopping bags made from jute/linen cloth

Shopping bags made from jute/linen cloth
Furthermore, the company also manufactures high quality and durable shopping bags, Promotional Bag, Tote Bag, Gift Bag, Wine Bag, Beach Bag in various sizes and styles, shape and prints custom made to the needs of buyers. From food quality packaging to everyday shopping and grocery bags, jute bags are the preferred choice of conscientious consumers
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Jute Ropes

Jute Ropes
3 Strand rope is available from diameter ranging from 3mm to 44 mm in coil. Weight per coil & length is customizable.
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Jute Non-Woven Felt

Jute Non-Woven Felt

We have commissioned our fully automatic DILO needle punching line for the manufacture of Jute Non-Woven Felt. You may be are aware of the headway jute felts are making into various uses. Some of the primary uses of Jute flets are listed below:

Industrial Felts:

·         Automotive: dash consoles, foot carpet linings

·         Footwear: in sole linings

·         Heat Insulation: reducing cost of cooling and heating

·         Acoustics: sound proofing

Agriculture and Horticulture Felts:

Plant Protection: against frost, pests
Weed Control: soil covers
Green covers for wall and roof
Plant pots: which degrades into compost

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High quality yarn is produced in the company’s Fine Yarn Unit. The various qualities of yarn & twine produced by the company are as follows:

·         Yarn of count ranging from 4.8 lb to 120 lb

·         Twisted yarn (1 ply to 7 ply)

·         Precision wound yarn for the carpet industry

·         Dyed yarn

·         Yarn of CRM/CRT/CRX quality

·         Twine

·         Ropes

Company profile

Based in Kolkata, India, Kamarhatty Jute Mills is a $ 50 million Kamarhatty group with a combined manufacturing capacity of 250 MT per day across 3 manufacturing facilities.

Jute is a natural biodegradable fiber that has amazing insulation and hygroscopic properties which makes it ideal for use in packing and storing food items as well as in horticulture, garden and agriculture. ,

Kamarhatty, set up in 1877 under British managing agency Jardine Henderson Ltd, is one of the oldest functioning composite jute mills in the world and is a source of employment for over 5000 and above people. Located on the banks of the river Ganges in Kolkata, KCL is a part of the US $ 50 million Kamarhatty Group which today epitomizes leadership, vision, determination, innovation and growth.

For more details about the company and the products visit www.kamarhatty.com