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Lakei Boomkwekerijen
“We, Hans van de Laak and Emiel Keiren, are cousins. We started a new adventure together in 2002 by merging our tree nurseries. To achieve our dream – being specialist in roses and lilacs – we had to optimise our cultivation process and concentrate on deepening our knowledge of the varieties of both species. We have since developed into a modern nursery. What makes us an important partner has everything to do with the quality products we supply in the right varieties.”

The nursery
Our nursery of roses and lilacs consists of 5 hectares container field and 20 hectares open ground. The complete production is done in-house, from the propagation to the final product. This allows us to deliver a fresh product of a consistently high quality. We deliver our roses and lilacs to customers all over Europe, from garden centre to do-it-yourself store.

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